June 7 will not be a national holiday: Why didn’t the administration make the rule official? | Answers

The executive branch followed suit last Friday, June 2, a regulation approved during the plenary session. Congress of the Republic It declared 7th June as a holiday in their memory Battle of Arika And this Flag Day. Alberto Odarola Benaranda, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, said this. “We want to convey this to all citizens so that they take the forecast of the case with proper expectation.” He told the media.

He pointed out that this decision has been taken to revive the country’s economy; A necessary process after the recent events.“The best way to honor the flag is to lay the foundation for economic recovery.”he added.

June 7 will not be a holiday in Peru

According to Peruvian law, if the June 7 holiday is approved by parliament, the executive will be responsible for authorizing and approving its release, for which Tina Poluarte is expected to approve the release. The regulation recognizes this new non-working day for both the public and private sector.

For now, the only calendar holiday confirmed is June 29, commemorating the feast of Saints Peter and Saint Paul. As recalled, this law was approved on April 28 and Tina Polwarte has 15 business days to declare the rule or comply with it, however, she did not do both actions, so Congress approves it at her insistence.

Unless the Executive or Legislature promulgates legislation in statutory terms, the following Wednesday, June 7, will not be considered a holiday. Therefore, if no permission is given on the following days, it will be treated as a normal working day and no special allowances will be given to the workers.

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What is celebrated on June 7 in Peru?

June 7 In Peru, Flag Day commemorates the creation of the Peruvian flag, which was designed on June 7, 1822 by General José de la Riva-Aguero y Sánchez-Poquet.

Various programs are organized to pay homage to the national symbol on this Flag Day festival. Civic parades, ceremonies in schools and official functions are held in which the Peruvian flag is raised and national anthems are sung.

Remaining holidays in Peru in 2023

Till date there are only 9 official holidays in the country which are:

  • June 29: St. Peter and St. Paul
  • July 28 and 29: National holidays
  • August 6: June’s War
  • August 30: Santa Rosa de Lima
  • October 8: Battle of Angamos
  • November 1: All saints
  • December 8: Immaculate concept
  • December 9: Battle of Ayacucho
  • December 25: Christmas

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