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Katya Palma She surprised more than one person by opening up about motherhood in an interview for actors Christopher Gianotti and Ursula Bosa's podcast.

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The comic actress opened up and explained how her decision not to have children took a toll on her emotionally, which is why she had to battle depression.

I thought about it and I said: 'When I'm sixty, what will happen to me? I'm going to be alone, no one is going to come with me and take me to the polyclinic for injections.' At one point I got depressed” said the former 'Yo Choi' judge.

However, Katia Palma said that she resigned herself admitting that she was not going to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother and that she was happy and comfortable with the life she was currently leading.

The decision I made is perfect for me because I feel good about how I look. I feel happy, I love having a lot of nephews, I play the role of mom and dad at the same time, I am proud, I don't feel alone because I am looking for family on the way, so they can stay with me in the future, everything I give must be returnedsaid the actress.

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