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In February next year, it will be 30 years since the release of ‘Karina y Dimodeo’. I have the illusion that children, now adults, who know us, still believe in magic, illusion.” shares Rivera, who treasures her three-decade friendship with her TV double, Ricardo Bonilla, who plays Timodio.

“eShe knows all my stuff. Your friendship is the most beautiful thing I have“, defends Dragon, happy to establish himself as an icon in local children’s entertainment, but also for the unbreakable bond he formed with Karina Rivera and the friendship they defined as inseparable.

The friendship was born on the project “Gisela en America”, where Rivera was a model and Bonilla was a site coordinator. Since then, their relationship grew stronger. (Photo: Personal Archive)

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Off screen, how have you managed to maintain your friendship over time?

Ricardo: I met Karina in 94, she was a model in a Gisela show and I was a coordinator in the studio. From that day we had affection. That’s why when they told me about a children’s project with Kareena, I signed up for one. She knows all my stuff.

Karina: Our friendship is so beautiful. It’s like a marriage, with ups and downs, like everyone else. But the main thing is that we tell each other everything. I think it will last longer because we are facing and fixing. If we do something wrong, we admit it.

When they are together, Karina and Dimotio evoke nostalgia in the adults who enjoyed their show in the mid-nineties.  (Photo: Elias Alfajme)

When they are together, Karina and Dimotio evoke nostalgia in the adults who enjoyed their show in the mid-nineties. (Photo: Elias Alfajme)

/ We are > Elias Alphagame

Did they break up after you left the project?

K: We have been through many things… but now we laugh at old problems and are happy to be reunited because we both know how to work together and share the stress. This circus season ‘eats’ many things in production such as setting up the tent. I have locker room responsibilities and that’s how we balance each other out.

R: We are in a state where the past has disappeared. Our friendship carries a lot of weight, we don’t stay silent, we consider what we need to do, we support each other.

They returned to performances in 2022 after the pandemic. How is your audience divided between nostalgic adults and the new generation of kids?

K: They come in all ages. New kids know the songs either through YouTube or because their parents play our music for them. Nostalgic masses reminisce about their childhood and enjoy being little again.

R: It’s cool seeing the kids who grew up with us and now showing them our songs and dances and wanting to instill that love in their kids. It’s like all generations have adopted us.

In 2022, with the show “Kids Again”, they visited different cities in the country, such as Arequipa and Trujillo.  (Photo: Karina and Timodio Show)

In 2022, with the show “Kids Again”, they visited different cities in the country, such as Arequipa and Trujillo. (Photo: Karina and Timodio Show)

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How do they connect with this new generation that didn’t grow up with kids’ shows?

K: Technology has taken many places and that’s why we have promoted our YouTube channel Karina and Dimodeo. We also have in mind to create more content on social networks.

R: We wish we could do more, but unfortunately time will beat us. But if there’s an opportunity to get back with the program at some point, we’d love to.

Do you think the children’s format will work today on television?

K: Marketing Approaches Many parents see children’s programs falling apart when these formats turn their children into consumers beyond entertainment. Unfortunately, however, for a program to survive on television you have to sell. Later, certain regulations were formalized which prevented advertising of products with children as the main consumer.

R: Now there are programs that are marketed for teenage audiences, but the truth is that younger people watch them too, and the idea is already different, like learning and entertainment.

Unmissable event

“Carina and Timodio, Captured in the Garden” It will be one of the most ambitious projects of the child entertainer duo. In their tent at Megaplaza (Independencia), they will immerse participants in the world of insects with a story that invites them to think about caring for the environment and respect for nature. With more than 20 artists on stage, including the beloved Professor Otto and clown Blumilla, the season runs from July 11 and tickets can be purchased through TeleTickets.

Have you considered any goodbyes? When will the cases hang?

K: We didn’t even consider the idea, really. We still have a lot of energy, and those who know us know, we’re still into pranks.

R: I will be Timothy as long as the body gives me. Now that I’m in my second youth, I feel ready to continue entertaining.

Ricardo Bonilla admitted that he created Dimodeo's voice inspired by classic characters like Topo Gigio.  (Photo: EC Archive)

Ricardo Bonilla admitted that he created Dimodeo’s voice inspired by classic characters like Topo Gigio. (Photo: EC Archive)

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How much does Timothy share with Ricardo?

R: I’m shy, but when I gain confidence I’m Timothy, a joker, mischievous, funny. We share a lot, and for me Timodio is real, it’s an opportunity to connect with my inner child, to bring him out to play.

K: They are the same! Those who know Ricardo know that he is very funny, playful and happy. And his family is one, if you go to their house they party, they play, they act, they are unique.

In these 30 years, has Timothy aged or is he just a character maintaining his age?

R: Timothy never grew up. He is always between 8 and 9 years old. It keeps him mischievous and curious. However, he adapts to new things, for example, he now loves technology.

K: He’s a boy, I’d say. His essence is the same, and that is why Karina must always be there, advising, teaching and caring for him.

This couple is in this circus season

The couple will present “Carina and Timodio, Captured in the Garden” this circus season. From July 11 to September 1, they will entertain young and old alike at the Megaplaza tent. (Photo: Elias Alfajme)

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What is the most beautiful thing you feel when you are on stage?

R: Energy boom. Sometimes you are tired from everyday things or from preparing before a show, but when you are on stage the energy immediately rises and you are greeted by the love of the people.

K: It’s amazing to see people so excited. There you feel that you have truly made an impact on their lives. Sometimes, at the ‘Meet & Greet’, they hugged and cried saying that we were their babysitters while their parents went to work, or that we accompanied them with our songs during the difficult moments of their childhood. That is the real driving force to keep doing what we do. It’s wonderful. //

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