Kimberly Garcia finished fourth in the 20km race at the 2023 World Athletics Championships.

Kimberly Garcia Ranked fourth in World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 This Sunday in the 20km athletics walk final in Hungary’s capital.

The Peruvian athlete, a two-time world champion at 20km and 35km at the race in Eugene a year ago, led the test for most of the category and was close to a podium finish.

Kimberly Garcia He finished the race in 01:27:32, a time that didn’t allow him to beat his personal best. However, she finished six seconds behind Italian Antonella Palmisano (01:27:26), who won bronze in Budapest.

The Spanish teenager got the gold medal Maria PerezYar clocked 01:26:51 and the silver medal went to Australia’s Jemima Montag (01:27:16).

García León led most of the route, however, Pérez and Montag broke away from the main group in the last five kilometers.

Peruvian Mary Luce Andea He finished his performance in 32nd place with 01:35:38, his best mark of the season. While national Evelyn Inga He was disqualified.

All three athletes will return to action in the 35km final on Thursday 24 August. Kimberly Garcia defends the gold she won in Eugene.

Evelyn Inga did not complete the exam in Budapest due to disqualification Source: EFE

Kimberly Garcia: Minute-by-minute of the final 20km sprint

– Thanks to the friends of RPP Noticias for joining us in the coverage of the final of the 20km Athletics Parade.

Mary Luce Andea He crossed the finish line in 32nd place with a time of 01:35:38, his best mark of the season.

– with a time 1:27:32, Kimberly Garcia was so close to making it onto the podium at the Budapest 2023 World Cup.

– Kimberly Carsey, fourth in the 20 kilometers at the Athletics World Cup

– Marea Perez World Champion in 20km Athletics Walk in Budapest 2023!

– Maria Perez already carries the Spanish flag before reaching the finish line.

– Kimberly Garcia is sixth with 1:23:24. He will try to break the national record in the last round.

– The last kilometer for Maria Perez!

– Maria Perez has two kilometers to go in the circuit. This is on pace for a world record!

– The last 3 kilometers of the race and Maria Perez maintains her steady pace in Budapest. The Spanish go for the gold.

– Can Maria Perez set a new world record? This post belongs to Jiayu Yang 1:23:49.

– ATTENTION, Kimberly Garcia begins to accelerate the climb in the last kilometers! Behind her, Ecuadorian Morejan follows her rhythm.

– This time, Kimberly Garcia, Gonzalez, Morejan and Palmisano are in the fight for third place.

– Spanish Maria Perez distances herself from the other contestants. It is clearly the leader. Australian Montague is in second place.

– World record holder Maria Perez quickens her pace to take the lead in the event.

– At 15km, Palmisano has a record of 1:06:04. Kimberly Garcia is one second lower in seventh place. There is still one fourth exam left.

– Sixth place for Kimberly Garcia in the race leading group.

– We’re past match time!

– Antonella Palmisano leads the competition! An Olympic champion, she bounced back from her slip.

– The first platoon was made up of Kimberly Garcia, Maria Perez, Montag, Yang, Ma, Palmisano and Gonzalez.

– 12 kilometers. Kimberly Garcia marches into the 20km final with a 52:38.

Mary Luce Andea She is reprimanded a second time for not keeping one of her feet in contact with the track.

– Italian Olympic champion Antonella Palmisano tripped and fell on a ramp. This leads him a few meters behind the main pack.

– Kimberly Garcia leads with 43:43 after the first 10 kilometers of the final.

– Half of the match!

– Evelyn Inga will compete again in the 35km final at the World Athletics Championships.

– In the case of Australia’s Olivia Sandery, she received a third warning for lapping and was disqualified.

– Evelyn Inga is disqualified from the 20km final. Colombian Lorena Arenas also dropped out of the tournament.

– Evelyn Inga receives her third warning for not communicating with the lane!

– Kimberly Garcia was the leader from the second kilometer and after 6km she continued to lead the race.

– Jiayu Yang and Kimberly Garcia are very close at the top of the event. The Italian Palmisano reveals itself with a good pace.

– Evelyn Inga is eighth with 21:58, Mary Luz Andia is twentieth with 22:08.

– We are already 5 km from the final. Kimberly Garcia leads the way with a time of 21:44.

Evelyn Inga Stands out from the second group of competitors. Good pace for Peru in the finals in Budapest.

– Almost consecutively, Colombian stadiums receive a second condemnation. There is a risk of staying in the competition.

– Colombian Lorena Arenas gets the first warning.

– I have already traveled 3 kilometers. Kimberly Garcia leads the way with a time of 13:04.

– 10 minutes drive, Kimberly Garcia He has led the first team to the finals!

Mary Luce Andea, World No. 26, his personal best is 1:30:50.

– Peruvian Evelyn Inga Comes with important credentials. He spent some time in La Coruna 1:27:32, Kimberley and sixth best of the season.

– Kimberly Garcia is second in the race, with Jiayu Yang leading the first division.

– The 20km athletic walk final has begun!

– Champion Kimberly Garcia is the first of the contestants presented. You will be in the first starting line.

– The walkers have already appeared on the route for the start of the 20km final!

– But athletics is, often, a snapshot of the moment. In season, Spanish Maria Perez Best done in 1:25:30. He has a good gift and he already beat Kimberly during the tournament in Portugal. After Iberian, The 1:26:40 De Garcia was the best of the participants.

– Kimberly Garcia’s personal best is 1:26:40. The timing was set when he won the Cantons de la Coruna Grand Prix last June.

– Jiayu Yang (1:23:49 – China), Hong Liu (1:24:27 – China), Glenda Morejon (1:25:29 – Ecuador), Maria Perez (1:25:30 – Spain), Eleonora Giorgi (1:26:17 – Italy) and Antonella Palmisano (1:26:36 – Italy) recorded a shorter time than Garcia Leone.

– All eyes will be on the Peruvian, but there are other top candidates: up to six contenders with top personal bests.

– Is Kimberly Garcia a favorite? His performance suggests he is the contender to beat, apart from currently being ranked world No. 1 at 20km.

– Budapest will be the fifth world championship for Kimberly, while Evelyn and Mary Luz will make their second appearance on the elite athletics parade. Three athletes have already been classified Olympic Games Paris 2024.

– Kimberly García is not only the greatest player in Peruvian athletics. World Athletics After hanging up the 20km and 35km gold medals in Eugene a year ago, Huancana is one of the main attractions in Budapest.

– Peru will have three athletes in the track and field finals: Kimberly Garcia, Evelyn Inga and Mary Luz Andia will compete in the Hungarian capital.

– Good evening, RPP game friends! Welcome to the final coverage of the 20km Women’s Athletics Walk of the World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023.

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A two-time world champion enters the scene. A year ago, there weren’t even records of a Peruvian athlete reaching the podium Athletics World ChampionshipsA radically changed reality Kimberly Garcia 20 and 35 km while giving himself a surprising crown.

A lot has passed since then, but mainly it highlights the recognition Garcia Leon received from all over. So, in Budapest, Kim will present himself as one of the top attractions of the World Cup, and his team is confident that he knows how to respond to expectations.

“The preparation has been very good. He is coming very strong, even with slightly better form than Eugene. Everything will go according to plan and we hope we will get a great result,” Huancana’s trainer, Ecuadorian Andres Chocho, told AFP.

Kimberly Garcia’s best time at 20km is 01:26.40Source: AFP

Kimberly Garcia: Marathon 2023 Budapest 20km

  • Peru: 00:15 am
  • Hungary: 07:15 am
  • Argentina: 02:15 am
  • Colombia: 00:15 am
  • Ecuador: 00:15 am
  • Bolivia: 01:15 am
  • Venezuela: 01:15 am
  • Uruguay: 02:15 am
  • Chile: 01:15 am
  • Brazil: 02:15 am
  • Mexico: 11:15pm (Saturday, August 19)
  • Spain: 07:15 am
  • USA (Los Angeles): 10:15 pm (Saturday, August 19)
  • USA (New York): 01:15 am

Kimberly Garcia He has competed in the 20km distance three times this year. He won in Poland, finished fourth in Portugal and won the Cantons de la Coruna Grand Prix last June. He lowered his time in each test and reached 01:26.40, his career best mark.

Peru’s biggest threat is the Chinese Jiayu YangWho is the world record holder for doing the Kimberley in Portugal?
Set at 1:23:49, 2021. His best time of the season was 1:26:41.

Perusas will also be on the way Mary Luce Andea Y Evelyn Inga, his second World Cup since Eugene. Both walkers have already qualified for the Paris Olympics, so without that pressure they will be aiming to surprise in the first stages at the finish line.

Kimberly Garcia is world number one in the 20km race walk Source: AFP

Peruvians qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

– Gladys Tejeda (marathon)

– Christian Pacho (marathon)

– Kimberly Garcia (Race Walking)

– Mary Luce Andia (athletic walk)

– Evelyn Inga (Race Walking)

– Cesar Rodriguez (Sports March)

– Stefano Bessierra (Sailing)

Where to watch the 20km sprint final at the 2023 World Cup live?

Peru: YouTube World Athletics

Argentina: TyC game and TyC game game

Brazil: SportTV 2

Chile: TVN

Colombia: RTVC

Spain: Spanish TV, RTVE Play and Eurosport

America: NBC Sports

Mexico: The game of course

Venezuela: Meridian TV

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