Kudo Guadalupe was trolled for his message from Japan on Father’s Day

Not thinking that her followers would end up focusing on her, she uploaded an emotional post on Instagram. Did the ex-footballer respond?

The former footballer received all kinds of comments on Instagram. | Mix Libero/Instagram

Father’s Day was celebrated last Sunday in many countries including Peru. Various celebrities and athletes from the world of entertainment have used their benefits Social websites To share exciting news on this special occasion.

One of them, former footballer ‘Kudo’ Guadalupe, took the opportunity to send a heartfelt message on his account. Instagram Not imagining that he would be trolled by his supporters. What did they say?

Luis ‘Gudo’ Guadalupe He is one of the most charismatic and beloved ex-football players in Peru. He was inspired to share his warm wishes for Father’s Day from his remote location. And that’s it Ex-Crack Peruano He showed up out of Japan and was very happy with this new stage where he lives.

However, that didn’t stop dozens of users from trying to troll him ‘Amboy’ With her ex-partner Charlene Castro, cameras captured Magali Medina entering and leaving the hotel with a stranger.

Gutto received all kinds of comments on IG. Photo: Instagram

“Doing a little tour in Japan, celebrating my producer and manager Jose ‘El Huachano’ Lara’s birthday and Father’s Day. Thank you God for giving me so much. Faith is the most beautiful thing in life,” Guto Guadalupe wrote. Instagram. Reactions did not subside.

It is noteworthy that it was only a few days ago. Kudo Guadalupe He shone in Busan, South Korea, a country where he came to cheer on the Peruvian team that faced the Eastern side.

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‘Maghali TV The Firm’ supports ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe couple

‘Maghali TV Law Firm’ cameras followed the former player’s ex-partner for several days to capture the exact moment he left a hotel located in Barranco district. mysterious man Identified as Luis DiCona.

Guto Guadalupe is pronounced after Amboy

After Charlene Amboy, her ex-partner Guto held a press conference at her restaurant to talk about what happened.

“I’m taking my procession inside, I cried a lot, but I have to work, I closed the chapter, I’m moving forward, I shed tears with my mother, my friends and my environment,” Dialog said. Drom.

“She’s been with me in the hardest moments of my life, gratitude is important, I’m not going to deny that, she’s a foreigner, she has no family, I’m going to support her even if we don’t have a relationship. Carry on… Let it happen as soon as possible, because everything happens. Nothing lasts forever, Life will go on,” he added.

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