Lady Camones disagrees with the state of emergency: “It will affect the economy” | Lady Cammons | State of Emergency | Peru

Chairman of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Impeachment, Lady CammonsAgainst the declaration of emergency for crime-ridden districts.

The chairman of the said working committee mentioned that there will be an impact on the economy. “In SJLBusiness activities are carried out and the activities also affect the economy”He canal n.

“I really don’t agree because I understand that there will be an impact on the economy. If the economy affects housing, crime will increase.” He noted.

Congress should consider this As crime affects all districts of the country, security measures should be taken at macro level.

Security measures should be taken at macro level in these districts which suffer from high crime rate. Strategy must begin Minister Supported by Mindef so that actions are taken at macro level”, declared.

Along these lines, he recalled that he had presented a plan last December Act to enable the armed forces to support the National Police in fighting crime.

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The case of Guillermo Bermejo

On the other hand, Lady Camones hopes that information on the reasons for these raids and the charges brought against Congressman Guillermo Bermejo will be provided soon.

“We respect all these measures. We hope you will give us information to find out what the symptoms are. “The Congressman will be asked to cooperate so that we can get answers within a certain period of time.” He said.

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