Laura Spoya regrets her debut at ‘Al Sexto Día’ was overshadowed by the shoe she wore at Miss Peru: “treasonous toe”

Laura Spoya regrets her debut at ‘Al Sexto Día’ was overshadowed by the shoe she wore at Miss Peru: “treasonous toe”
Laura Spoya regrets that her debut at ‘Al Sexto Día’ was overshadowed by the shoes she wore at Miss Peru.

After his eventful participation Miss Peru Last June 9, Laura Spoya She has played different comments on social networks, where she has been attacked, defended and ridiculed for wearing shoes that are not her size because one of her toes is falling off.

However, that wasn’t all, the model and influential singer caused a stir by asking Guana to dance to ‘Mamarre’ with her. This added to the humorous responses Laura Spoya In the face of criticism, he focused the media on this stunt, and he did not make his debut as a presenter ‘On the sixth day’, It was true that the blonde was sorry.

“In the middle of everything that happened this weekend, I’ll tell you that I screened a show at ‘Al Sexto Tia’ that was covered by a treacherous finger. At least we were a trend in the country, hahaha we were also the most watched panamericana show back in the day,” the host wrote.

Laura Spoya regrets that the media didn’t talk about her debut in Al Sexto Dia.

To show that he has taken it all in good humor, he posted a video where you can see the various digital media releases about him. “You can’t miss the show this Saturday, because true to my style it’s time to parody everything that happened, and of course there will be that shoe, and we’re going to find out what happened. “Do I still want to dance Mamare?”

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Laura Spoya He mentioned that he would be happy to laugh at the moments he experienced Miss Peru And share your experience.

“The shoes have already been taken out and looked at me from the top of the closet, very punished. Sometimes I feel like the most random things happen to me. It sounds like a joke, but it’s a story,” said the model, who was transferred from Saturday, June 8. Yahaira Placencia In driving ‘On the sixth day’The venue airs from 10:00 p.m.

Yahaira Plasencia has stepped down from hosting ‘Al Sexto a Día’ and has been replaced by Laura Spoya. instagram.

Through your social network, Laura Spoya He did not shy away from criticism and ridicule for the shoes he wore. Miss Peru, in addition to being asked to dance reggaeton. On his Instagram account, he shared several videos and memes and made it clear that he could make fun of himself.

“Well, yesterday my little finger decided to leave the chat, but you know what, I’m still angry,” he wrote on the first occasion. “I, believe me, laughed with you at my finger and mouthpiece memes. I don’t take anything personally. “He who grieves loses and wins,” added Spoyam, who enjoyed the dance even though the dress did not allow him to move freely. “If you already know what I am… Mom, I will never stop twisting, that’s what I was born to do. “I enjoyed everything from start to finish,” he said.

Laura Spoya defends herself against criticism of her shoes and being asked ‘mamarre’ at Miss Peru. I.G.

The model also revealed that she decided to remove the shoes that caused the accident during the competition. In the reposted post Samuel Suarez on InstarandulaSpoya promised: “Those shoes have been removed from my house.”. This statement was met with smiling faces.

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Additionally, he shared a follow-up video Brunella Horna He says, ‘Everyone criticizes me, criticizes her.’ “My friend listens to reggaeton even during mass,” you read in the description. He didn’t hesitate to share the exact moment he asked Kuyna ‘mamarre’ and even a photo of his toe sticking out of his shoe. Laura Spoya’s stand in the face of criticism has been greatly appreciated by her supporters, highlighting the way she faces embarrassing moments with good humour.

Laura Spoya responds to criticism for the shoes she wore at reggaeton and Miss Peru.


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