League 1: ADT players decide to stop training until they clear their debts | Lima Alliance

League 1: ADT players decide to stop training until they clear their debts |  Lima Alliance

Although ADT will face Alianza a week before the final date of the Clausura, the players of the Dorma team refuse to train. Because?

ADT This is one of the surprises Liga 1 2023A place in the Copa Sudamericana is proof of this. But the championship is far from over, on Saturday, October 21, Team Tarmano will face Alianza Lima in Matute, in a key fight in contention for the title. Final match For blue and white. However, the libero learned that the Vana team had decided to stop training.

Gustavo Peralta, a Libero journalist, reported that far from a good sporting moment, the ADT team did not fulfill its obligations. Due to this, the players decided to take a break from training.

Despite qualifying for the Copa Sudamericana, things did not go well at ADT. They owe the squad for September and they don’t train on Thursdays and Fridays as a struggle.“, said Gustavo Peralta.

ADT and its radical end

The footballers decided not to train until the debt was paid off. “There have been delays in payments in the past“, described the Libero journalist on his Twitter account.

ADT soldiers decided not to train until the outstanding debt was paid

Where to watch Alianza Lima vs Live ADT?

The Alianza Lima match against ADT will take place on Saturday, October 21 and will be broadcast live on Liga 1 MAX (a channel found on DirecTV Sports, Claro TV and Best Cable).

Alianza Lima and its position in the club rankings

Alianza Lima is 94th in the club rankings, behind Peñarol, Santos, The Strongest, Pachuca and Celta de Vigo, where Peruvian Renato Tapia plays.

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