Learn about the Ferrero Group’s technology to trace cocoa and avoid deforestation

Learn about the Ferrero Group’s technology to trace cocoa and avoid deforestation

Together with strategic partners, Grupo Ferrero has helped address complex supply chain challenges such as deforestation in raw material producing areas. For example, using satellite maps to increase the detection efficiency of cocoa at the farm level to 93% by 2022/23.

In addition to working extensively with cutting-edge technology, Ferrero is a long-standing member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI).

The Ferrero Group announced the latest developments on its path towards sustainability by publishing its 15th Sustainability Report. Guided by its mission to have a positive impact throughout its value chain, the report demonstrates significant progress in its key pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, responsible raw material sourcing, responsible consumption and empowering people.

Cooperation plays an important role in accelerating progress in combating the causes of child labor and forced labour. Ferrero continues to collaborate with Save the Children, reaching more than 18,000 people by working with 65 communities in the Haute-Sassandra region of Côte d’Ivoire, one of the main cocoa-supplying countries. Ferrero works with the Earthworm Foundation and the International Labor Organization (ILO), respectively, to support responsible labor practices in their palm oil and hazelnut supply chains.

“Grupo Ferrero recognizes the fundamental role the company plays in protecting nature for future generations. We reaffirm through concrete commitments that sustainability is integrated into Ferrero’s long-term strategy. The four pillars of our sustainability framework guide every strategic decision we make,” said Giovanni Ferrero, CEO of the Ferrero Group.

“As Ferrero grows and diversifies its portfolio, we continue to value our long-standing partnerships, especially those dedicated to the communities where we operate and where our raw materials come from. “We believe in the importance of alliances to achieve progress, advance our sector’s social and environmental agenda, and ultimately create social value.”

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Learn about the Ferrero Group’s technology to trace cocoa and avoid deforestation



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