Learn about the new rules for parking applications

Learn about the new rules for parking applications

From February 1, the Jorge Chávez International Airport (AIJC) will implement new rules and conditions for the use of its parking lot, announced by the Supervisory Board for Investment in Public Use Transport Infrastructure (Ositrán).

Ositrán, in its supervisory role guaranteeing the quality of airport services, will play a key role in the application of these rules. The main objective of this activity is to ensure proper use of the infrastructure, maintain operational order and guarantee the safety of passengers and users.

In a meeting with representatives of taxi drivers providing services at the AIJC, Ositrán shared details of the new conditions and rules for parking. It seeks to promote a safe and orderly environment in airport infrastructure.

Board of Directors Resolution No. Ositrán stated that all users of the parking lot must follow the rules established in 004-2023-CD-OSITRAN and its amendments.

The airport concessionaire, Lima Airport Partners (LAP), reserves the right to deny access to parking facilities when security or the normal development of airport operations disrupts public order or engages in unauthorized conduct. By law.

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If liability is determined for non-compliance with the rule and for restricting the access of taxi drivers to the parking lot, improper behavior must be proven by videos or photographs.

Special Terms

The “General Conditions and Rules for Use of Parking at AIJC” states that:

  • Users must respect traffic rules, designated areas and public order.
  • It is prohibited to provide taxi services by noise, directly or indirectly, obstructing pedestrian traffic.
  • Occupying disabled spaces or using the parking space for purposes other than parking is not permitted.
  • Taxis can only use the free lane to drop off passengers, while private vehicles can use it to pick up and drop off passengers.
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It also provides that the LAP shall apply the conditions and rules for the use of the Jorge Chávez Airport parking lot in strict compliance with the rights of users.

For more information on the new “General Conditions and Rules for the Use of Parking at Jorge Chavez International Airport (AIJC)” please click Here.

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