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Technology, which is one of the determining factors of development, entertainment and knowledge creation, is one of the most waste-generating industries in the world, as rapid obsolescence and mass distribution of products create large amounts of waste. Stop being useful to people. According to the United Nations Environment Program 2023, the technology sector generates about 50 million tons of e-waste per year, making it necessary to take action to prevent the effects of climate change.

In 2022, the World Organization declared March 30 as the 'International Zero Waste Day', calling on member states, civil society, the private sector, education and the youth in general to adopt sustainable consumption and production practices. A shift towards a more circular economy. Next Saturday March ends with this important date, so it will be an opportunity for many Colombians to raise awareness of the importance of properly managing waste. (Read here: Sustainable fashion: Style also affects the planet)

“It is necessary to give a second life to the products that we replace new ones from our homes or properly recycle those that no longer work or that we do not need,” comments Marketing Natalia Aguirre. Alcombrar Director..

What to do with technology products that are no longer needed or work?

Taking into account the pollution caused by this type of waste, we share some recommendations for proper management of materials or waste:

1. Try to extend the life of the product as much as possible: There are devices that can easily update their operating system and align with current interactive trends.

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2. Gift the item to someone who needs it: If the item is in good condition, you can give it to someone who will give it a second life.

3. Use repair services: Sometimes products stop working due to lack of maintenance or minimal repair, so this can be an alternative.

4. Look for “electronic waste” collection points: If repair is not possible, there are various companies in Colombia that accept USBs, hard drives, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, computers, etc.

5. Sell the product at an affordable price: Many people look for used products at an affordable price for spare parts.

With these recommendations, the brand hopes that this type of responsible consumption will be accepted in homes and companies, as proper waste management is the duty of all Colombians.

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