Lemon Price | BCRP predicts lemon prices to remain stable, by how much and when? Inflation | Central Reserve Bank of Peru | Julio Velarde | economy

From August this year, the Lemon price It started to rise significantly and affected the Peruvians consuming it. However, a normalization is expected in the coming months, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP)

During the September inflation report, Julio VelardeThe head of BCRP compared this year’s citrus prices with what happened. Beach Boy of 2017.

According to the graph, the price of lemons increased (69.8%) in August 2023 to almost S/ 16 per kilo in September, the impact of heavy rains in March and April, ie. L was associated with the coastal baby, which affected the flowering of crops.

In 2017, the price of lemons rose to S/ 14.5 per kilogram and fell to S/ 3.6 (per kilogram) in December.“, under control.

Along these lines, Velarde indicated that a slow decline in prices is expected from October to S/ 6.58 per kilo in December (monthly average). “While this is a temporary effect, that correction occurs”, he mentioned.

Although it is not recognized by the National Agricultural Food Hygiene and Quality Service (Senasa), Velarde apparently commented that he was smuggling lemons into the country. “When there is such a large difference, it is difficult (to manage) unless you have a very good border control that prevents this smuggling.“, I observe.

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