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Lima Alliance Will struggle with the rest Final match Also armed and this has made his fans very excited League 1 Betson. At Cusco, led by new technical director Mauricio Lauriara, football and attitude converged as they breathed life into a goal in another league.

With that strength to play well and fill each player with confidence, the blue and white team returned from the imperial city, trained to think about the next game with the always difficult game Huancayo, to be played this Wednesday the 16th (8:30). PM via Liga 1 Max for Day 9 of the Clausura.

The fit is difficult, there are still many exits to the cities at altitude, but Lauriera and his warriors accept the challenge: they only want to win the competition and, as a result, the three-time national championship. “Our match is very complicated, but we will play game by game and see if we can be above everyone in the end”, Pointed to DD.

“We know what it means to play at height and against a good opponent. Although we need success, we must succeed in everything that follows., the Uruguayan pointed out. Lauriara met with the team on Monday before training, and then he did the same with Pablo Sabac. Will he start? Tuesday’s practice will help define the ’11’ against ‘Rojo Matador’.

It is important to mention that the training will take place at Matute from 4:30pm and after it is over, the training staff will provide the list of footballers who will be called for the match with Sport Huancayo.

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Shell wants to renew

Jairo Canza is the most talked about footballer at Alianza Lima. Not just because of his footballing development ahead of the goal, but with Ligue 1 still a few months away, he has yet to extend his contract that would keep him in the blue and whites until the end of the year.

Dismissal He learned that the parties involved have held talks but no agreement has been reached till date. The reason is that the club did not reach the number of ’10’ renewals. For now, Concha must continue to rise to fight Alianza for the long-awaited triple championship.

“There are still many dates to play, in fact, we are no longer dependent on ourselves, but we have to win all the remaining games and hopefully some results will be delivered”, The 24-year-old footballer has scored 12 goals since arriving at the blue and white club in 2021.

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