Limb0 – 1st call for submission of production and research projects in the arts.

1st Call for the submission of production and research projects in the arts within the framework of the Experimental Research Center of the Faculty of Arts and Design of the University of Córdoba Province.

Rules of Call
The Center for Experimental Studies of the Faculty of Arts and Design (CEEFAD) of the Provincial University of Córdoba (UPC) opens a call for production and research projects in Art Limb0 2023-2024. Limb0 is a space that invites artist-researchers to address the development of the production and research process in the institutional spaces of FAD-UPC.

Art creation and practice require entry into specific research processes, university systems, following the logic of hard and social sciences, tend to separate from production, like two watertight boxes. Over the past few decades, we have noticed a growing academic interest in establishing debates around the relationship between artistic production and research at the global level, especially in our country. This translates into various institutional policies, calls, funding, grants, research and scientific publications.

In this context, the Faculty of Art and Design of the Provincial University of Córdoba aims to collaborate with the development and strengthening of the educational offer linked to various artistic languages, their intersections and interdisciplinary, experimental and process approaches. Joint0 Along these lines, the call of the Center for Experimental Studies seeks to create a space that encourages artistic production and research, its intersections, co-creation, diversity and experimental development. Therefore, CEEFAD proposes to expand specific disciplinary fields to create new training/research spaces in the public university.

Facilitating a platform for promoting production and research projects in the arts.
Encourage spaces for dialogue based on experimentation and interdisciplinary production in the arts
Strengthening institutional linkages between graduates, students and faculty

Thematic Line: Crossings, Transdisciplinarity and the Limits of the Arts:
In this first call, the following theme line is defined: “Shortcuts, Discipline and the Arts at Limits.” It establishes cross-cutting events of discussion, exchange, dissemination and popularization of science on topics emerging from practices and processes of art creation. It seeks to promote experimentation in the arts, taking into account the many intersections that foster borrowings, appropriations, contaminations between technical and methodological practices, and betting on the place of science that emerges in the coexistence of our practices. A space for dialogue between the arts, a cross-section between science and technology, an open collaboration laboratory, considering art creation as multi-system.

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What to offer?
Projects presented may aim to create practices, works, installations, interventions, publications, production labs, etc. Working groups are invited to promote dialogue between visual arts, design, multimedia art, performing arts, audiovisual and sound arts.

Who received this invitation?
Joint0 It is aimed at students, faculty and graduates of FAD-UPC, accompanying them in the management and development of their program, with the aim of providing them with employment and institutional recognition.

General considerations
About projects
Proposals will be formulated in an annual work schedule, taking into account the development time of the project and presentation and exhibition events. Each project will include in its work schedule a program, an exhibition, an event open to the public. Work is in progressAn intervention, a training workshop, an outreach event, etc.

Project format
Abstract of Art Production-Research Project
● Project title.
● A brief summary of the project containing a description of the work process and proposed intersections (maximum 500 characters).
● Keywords (max 4).

Project presentation and development
● Project description (maximum 3000 characters): Develop the main characteristics of the project, what activities and processes are planned during the filing period, as well as the motivations and desires that drive the project.
● Objectives (maximum 1500 characters): State the objectives to be achieved in the project in more than one general objective and four specific ones.
● Rationale (maximum 2500 characters): Describe the thematic concern, problem, vacancy area and/or concepts you wish to explore when submitting the proposal. Consider the conceptual aspects and theoretical orientations that allow us to dimension the development of this project in the relevant epistemological field.
● Art Background (Maximum 1500 characters): Mention references to aesthetic movements, artists and/or groups presented in the project. If necessary, name the products to be carried out by the working group linked to the content of the proposal.
● Task Method (maximum 2000 characters): Specify the operational strategies planned for each task stage and how the latter relate to each other.
● Work schedule: Detailed activities to be carried out and expected duration considering the time of filing. Take into account rehearsals, meetings, activities open to the public and events.
● Use of Breaks (Max 800 characters): Describe the use of breaks the team anticipates for the development of the work schedule.
● Required Resources (Maximum 800 characters): Describe the resources needed for the development of the project (sound, light, audiovisual, computer, recording, communication and graphics, etc.).
● Dissemination, presentation and/or exhibition strategies (maximum 800 characters): Specify planned strategies for dissemination and presentation to the public and target audience. Within the framework of the call, a mandatory opening of the process is expected.
● Bibliography (maximum 1500 characters): Consulted only for project preparation.
● Documentation (optional): Visual, audiovisual, audio or other material deemed relevant to the evaluation of the project may be included.

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Regarding compliance of the Working Group
Each program consists of one individual who has a recognized track record in relation to the proposed topic. Working as a student active teacher in the Faculty of Art and Design is a requirement.
Associate Director
Each project is assisted in direction and has a recognized track record related to the proposed topic. The role of Associate Director is an active faculty member in the Faculty of Art and Design or a graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design who has a history of assignments in chairs or research programs or is currently employed. These roles assume the function of coordinating and leading the work team in the activities to be carried out throughout the process to go deeper into the objectives set in the project, both in production and in different presentation events and dissemination.
The committee may be composed of faculty, students and/or graduates of FAD-UPC.
together with
The subsequent integration of persons performing some form of cooperation in the group, as soon as the registration period begins, the activities planned by the project must be announced in advance to improve the relevant certificate.

Each project will have a team of at least 3 (three) people (no maximum number of members is planned for this call). When sending the group formation document, the following information will be clearly provided to a member: DNI, Affiliation with FAD, Discipline.

Submission requirements
Presentation format
Proposals shall be presented in Times New Roman 12 font, 1.15 line spacing and shall not exceed 10 pages. CV and resume samples are provided for your use.

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CV Template – Click here
Gantt Chart Table Template – Click here

Important days
The call will be open from September 20 to October 20, 2023.

Digital presentation
Presentation will be via email only: [email protected] Titled Surname_Convacatoria_Cefat

The email should contain the following attachments:
● Project, the file will be named as: Surname_project_ceefad.pdf
● Table, the file will be named as: Surname_chronogram_ceefad.pdf
● Create a document containing the list of Director, Co-Director and Members (with details of each person) in a file named as follows: Surname_Team_ceefad.pdf
● Document (optional), the file will be named as: Surname_dossier_ceefad.pdf

About selected projects
Projects will have institutional accreditation and certification of various activities envisaged in the development of the proposal. CEEFAD proposes to coordinate, manage and coordinate the activities designed by the programs.

The study center offers training activities and other spaces for meeting and reflection aimed at socializing the procedures, quests and problems each working group solves. It is important for groups to consider their members’ participation in these events.

Annual report

After the development of the project is completed, a report should be written on the activities carried out during its establishment Purpose of creating a release and certificate.

About the selection process

An ad hoc evaluation committee will be created, consisting of four representatives of FAD, an external evaluator and CEEFAD’s management. Proposals that do not provide all required data according to the criteria and deadlines proposed in this call will not be evaluated.

Evaluation criteria

● Special attention will be paid to the coherence of the project, considering the relationship between the line of calling, the foundation and the methodology.
● Feasibility will be assessed in relation to the work schedule and resources involved in this call.
● The composition, management and co-management background of the task force will be assessed.

Any query regarding the call can be made [email protected]

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