Live Cantolau vs. Melgar Online Live Free CMD for Clausura Match 14 | League 1 Betson | Sports | Soccer-Peruvian

Live Cantolau vs.  Melgar Online Live Free CMD for Clausura Match 14 |  League 1 Betson |  Sports |  Soccer-Peruvian

Cantolau will get FBC Melgar Live and Live Betsson League 1 Final Match Date 14 ‘Delphin’ comes motivated for this commitment after his victory in Trujillo against Mannuzi last weekend; However, they know that Arequipa are looking to climb the table, so they will fight for the three points, even if they are away. As such, Red and Black coach Mariano Soso is preparing his strategy to end the match in his favour.

Cantolau and Melgar They will face each other on Tuesday, September 19, at the Estadio Ivan Elias Moreno from 3:20 p.m. The broadcast will be carried by the Liga 1 MAX signal and can also be watched via streaming on DIRECTV GO and Claro Video. You can see minute-by-minute and match history Testify.

Cantolau vs. Melgar: Rows

Cantolau vs. Melgar: Minute by minute

Cantolau vs. Melgar: This is how teams come

Contolavo (not only emotionally, but in last place with 22 points) needed a win to add to his tally. After 90 intense minutes (including the dismissal of Junior Huerto and Francisco Duclos), they managed to get three points on the last day, thus returning to Gallo with an important victory. Now it’s time to think about Arequipa, who scored a goal in their latest match.

A very complicated game, they came out with a different approach in the second half, sent off 2 teammates, more commitment, more approach and thanks to God, we managed to get 3 points.“, declared defender Joao Montoya, who is now thinking about the next challenge to overcome:”This success helps us a lot, it motivates us to move forward and save the genre.”.

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Melgar, meanwhile, has things clear: win every game to come. They did that in the last two games, including a 4-0 win over Alianza Atlético, and now they play against Cantolavo. However, Red and Black will have to prepare their strategy to miss every scoring opportunity that comes their way. Soso announced this while thinking about the end of the season.

We’ve been critical of every game we’ve played, it’s something we can’t reverse, but we can look to the immediate future with confidence and hope, and focus our full attention on this game that Melgar is going to play on Tuesday. important to us.”, he promised.

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