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As we have already mentioned in previous articles, “Shukusei!!Loli Kami Requiem” is a song by a Japanese artist Ui Shigure From his album The rain still hasn’t stopped. Voiced by and narrated by Shigure as a nine-year-old girl Tamaki InuyamaComposed music D. Wat and wrote MarronBoth IOSYS. Although it was released in 2022, the song suddenly went viral in September 2023 following the release of its full music video. The song has also garnered some controversy on the internet as its lyrics revolve around the topic of pedophilia.

Lyrics “Sukusei!! Loli Kami Requiem” is written from the perspective of a fictional character named Ui Shigure, a nine-year-old girl who attacks the imprisoned Lolikoneros and simultaneously acts as a goddess who guides them to salvation. The music video features Danmaku comments, inspired by the comment system of the Nico Nico Douga video site, which depicts sex predators. In the middle of the song, in an act of “divine purification,” the music cuts to show her firing a “Ui Beam” to electrocute the “evil creatures,” while the narrator explains the situation and the attack. Shigure’s sadistic teasing style has been described as “mezukaki”; That is, the provocative behavior of a woman to sexually attract adults.

At the time of its release, the song was not immediately popular. “Sukusei!! “Loli Kami Requiem” was recognized by Shigure fans as one of the “beautiful” songs on the album. However, after the release of its music video a year later, the song went viral on social media worldwide and became an internet meme, something Shigure didn’t expect. The video reached 10 million views in three weeks, making it the fastest growing VTuber song and one of the fastest growing original songs among VTubers overall.

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The “high quality” of the video, especially the dancing that appears during the song’s chorus, helped fuel its sudden rise in popularity. TikTok users started posting videos of themselves or their own characters or video game characters such as Genshin Impact imitating the dance. By the end of September, it was estimated that more than six thousand videos about the song had been posted on the platform. Its popularity later spread to other platforms like YouTube shorts and Twitter.

The song has sparked controversy for its “pedophile themes”. Manufacturer of baby safety alarms Artek was criticized on social media After pointing out that the alarm that appeared in the music video was based on one of their products Post a video on YouTube and TikTok in which one of your employees appears to be dancing to the beat of the song and bowing as a sign of gratitude for providing their product. On September 29. The company issued an apology on its website in early October, saying “Very inappropriate behavior that lacks consideration and self-awareness“, then deleted his TikTok account. On October 3, Daisuke Yokoyama, former actor of the children’s TV show Okasan to Isho, deleted a video of himself dancing on TikTok after receiving criticism on social media.. Yokoyama apologized for this and deleted his account, saying that apart from the fact that the song was trendy, he did not know the context of the song.

These events allowed the song to reach a mainstream audience. (VTubers and fans of otaku culture in general) and will begin to be known by the general public. However, the theme of the song was not well received by the community, as evidenced by comments on a popular Japanese forum:

  • «Can’t blame them for behaving like this. It is a well-known fact that when something becomes popular, criticism comes from all sides.».
  • «It can’t be helped. When something sells well, these types of people inevitably show up».
  • «I don’t understand the psychology behind the criticism. Do they criticize people because they feel they are being honest, or are they simply jealous of their success? Be that as it may, they enjoy doing things that harm others.».
  • «Shouting for the attention of a minority eventually stops working, but it still has its moments».
  • «Complainers are usually older people, so don’t be intolerant and be kind to them.».
  • «If something bothers you, why don’t you stay away from it? There are people who enjoy doing something that bothers them for the simple purpose of complaining later.».
  • «I have to admit that what I liked was the animation, and the lyrics never really appealed to me».
  • «If we start criticizing songs for their lyrics, shouldn’t there be some songs that were canceled decades ago?».
  • «I think the clear culprits in this upheaval are companies and artists who want to follow the trend with little thought to context.».
  • «The song has been around since last year, but I didn’t think the music video would make such an impact».
  • «I don’t know if criticizing a company is good or bad, I’m somewhat glad it happened to them».
  • «If the lyrics of an anti-Lolicon song bother you, I don’t think it speaks well of you.».
  • «Nowadays people tend to criticize something they don’t like rather than ignore it.».
  • «To be honest, I think the word “lolly” has been demonized and the mere mention of it is already subject to criticism. If I’m not mistaken, even a little girl can be called that.».
  • «I have a feeling that VTubers themselves seek to get into controversies to stay in the public eye. However, there is no such thing as bad publicity.».
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