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  • She is a researcher from the Institute of Biotechnology and Applied Ecology of the Universidad Veracruzana
  • Inbiotech He holds three patents on vanilla and stevia and the manufacture of propacul In laboratory testing mode

Researcher Lourdes Georgina Iglesias Andrew

Claudia Peralta Vasquez and Jorge Vasquez Pacheco

Photos: UV Press Department

02/10/2023, Xalapa, Ver.- Lourdes Georgina Iglesias Andreu, researcher at the Institute of Biotechnology and Applied Ecology (Inbiotech) from the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) was recently awarded the 2023 State Science and Technology Award in the field of Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences.

Regarding this distinction, the expert pointed out that he has worked for almost 25 years in the research, conservation, management and genetic improvement of plants. “In recent years, we have used it for the genetic improvement of vanilla and the development of biotechnological tools. Pinus PseudostropheAgain for afforestation purposes.”

Iglesias noted Andrew’s work on cycads and stevia, as well as the issuance of three patents – two on stevia and one on vanilla. Inbiotech, and is awaiting evaluation of a fourth patent proposal. In the case of vanilla, the focus is on propagation methods using biosynthetic systems and their control Fusarium oxysporumOne of the major crop loss fungi.

Iglesias Andreu emphasized that three patents have been achieved as a result of his research.

He clarified that the basic project for his participation was, in fact, a summary of all his work and noted that his contribution to science was very special: “It is a privilege to contribute to the research work carried out by the Universidad. Veracruzana to save species like vanilla, which is very threatened, and we are developing methods that contribute to its spread. It is a product with high international demand and its cultivation is needed to bring benefits to the country, and in particular, to Veracruz.

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The biologist commented Inbiotech Campaigns are created In laboratory testing mode, which had already been requested from Spain. “We plan to cater to the needs of these entrepreneurs. The important thing is that all our developments end up being implemented in the manufacturing process, which is what we want, and for that we have the valuable support of our university in providing equipment and facilities. It motivates us to try harder.

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