Luis Miguel Tickets 2024 in Peru: Pre-Sale Today and Ticket Prices for Customers of Any Bank | Answers

Luis Miguel He is a worldwide music legend and despite his years, he continues to prove that he is the greatest current Latin American voice of all time. Now, the famous “Soul de Mexico”, whose artistic career spans more than 40 years, will return to Peru as part of his Luis Miguel Tour 2024 world tour.

Although its presentation is almost half a year away, ticket sale dates and prices have already been released for this spectacular event, which will take place on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at the National Stadium in Lima.

When do tickets go on sale for ‘Luis Miguel Tour 2024’?

The arrival of Luis Miguel in Peru excites thousands of fans who grew up with his songs and many of whom did not enjoy him directly. Because of this, they know all the details of the concert so as not to leave the show.

MasterLive, the production company responsible for the event, has officially announced that the “Luis Miguel Tour 2024” will be on sale from Thursday 10th and Friday 11th August at 10am.

Teleticket will be the platform responsible for selling the first tickets to see Luis Miguel in action. 15% discount for ticket buyers with Interbank card.

What is the ticket price to attend a Luis Miguel concert?

If you want to attend the “Sol de México” concert, enjoy his best hits like “La incondicional”, “Ahora te puedes marchar”, “La media vuelta” or “Será que no me amas”. On the platform, you can do it in the Platinum Zone, which has seats and costs 698 soles per person.

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Fans of Luis Miguel who still want to attend the show can also purchase tickets at affordable prices starting at 150 feet.

Pre-sale prices for tickets and areas:

  • North Tribune Zone: S/150
  • East or West Zone (numbered): S/590
  • Sona Priority (standing): S/290
  • Jonah Whipp (standing): S/520
  • Platinum Zone (Seats): S/698

Prices of general tickets and areas:

The following tickets go on sale next Saturday, August 12:

  • North Tribune Zone: s/.177
  • East or West Zone (numbered): s/.690
  • Sona priority (standing): s/.362
  • Jonah Whipp (standing): s/.608
  • Platinum Zone (Seats): s/.790

Lima will be one of the cities that will be part of the destinations visited by the Mexican singer on his ‘Luis Miguel Tour 2024’ tour of South America. Countries where “Sol de México” is served: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and of course, Peru.

What songs will Luis Miguel perform in his concert?

Songs that ‘Louismi’ sang at the top of her lungs on her 2023 tour include ‘Until You Forget Me’, ‘Girl In Blue Bikini’, ‘Guilty Or Not’ and ‘Unconditional’.

Taking this into account, he will update his collection for ‘Luis Miguel Tour 2024’. At this point, it’s too early to know which hits will be part of the official set list he’ll perform at next year’s concerts. .

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