Luisa González and Daniel Noboa will compete in the second round on October 15 in Ecuador Ecuador 2023 Election Results | Who is Daniel Nobowa? | the world

Special Envoy for Quito / Corista Luisa Gonzalez and businessman Daniel Noboa are running for president. Ecuador On October 15, after early election results were held on Sunday under tight security measures.

The result achieved by Noboa Comes from Surprise Day, then No previous poll had him in the second roundEven the Ecuadorian press noted that the candidate planned to have an official count at his home.

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According to local analysts, only one good performance Discussion Held on August 13, candidates have been promoting his candidacy for the past week.

Daniel Nobowa during the August 13 presidential debate. (EFE/Jose Jacome).

According to official statistics National Electoral Council (CNE) Up to 88% of the voted table, Luisa Gonzalez, from the Citizens’ Revolution Movement, received 33.18% of the vote; when Daniel Nobowa, the National Democratic Alliance (ADN) got 23.88%. is in third place Christian Zuritawho replaced the murdered Fernando Villavicencio with 16.47%; An ex-army and security expert businessman appeared in fourth place John’s titlewith 14.63%.

Noboa, 35, is the son of billionaire Guayaquil businessman Alvaro Noboa.He ran five times for the presidency of Ecuador.

In the first reaction after knowing the results, Daniel Nobowa He said the second round would be a contest to prevent Khorezmo from returning to power, adding that his alliance was with the people. But then he admitted to talking to John Topic.

“This is not the first time a new project has turned on the political ‘establishment’. It is the freshness of doing politics that has brought us here.He said he was from Guayaquil.

Noboa He attributed his candidacy to the youth and women’s vote.

Luisa Gonzalez speaks to her followers after learning the results of the presidential election. (Photo by Galo Bague/AFP).

For his part, Luisa Gonzalez In her speech, she thanked her voters, noting that this was the first time a woman had received such a high number of votes in a presidential election in Ecuador.

“I want to celebrate this victory on behalf of all women,” she said.

He also said that Ecuador is a country that wants peace and better living conditions. He called for the unity of the Ecuadorian people to “stop the hate.”

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The winner of the second round will replace the president Guillermo Lazo For a short period ending in May 2025.


Luisa Gonzalez

Luisa González was born in Quito 45 years ago and is a mother of two daughters.

He is a lawyer with a master’s degree in international economics and development from the Complutense University of Madrid. During the decade of Rafael Correa’s government (2007-2017) he held various positions in the ministries of production, tourism, foreign relations, general administration secretariat and the presidency.

He has been a Member of Legislative Assembly from May 2021 to May 2023.


Daniel Nobowa

Daniel Noboa was born on November 30, 1987 in Guayaquil.

He has a long list of professional titles. Studied Management in Business from the New York University Stern School of Business and a degree in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. He also completed a master’s degree in governance and political communication George Washington University.

He is the son of businessman Alvaro Noboa, a five-time candidate for the presidency of Ecuador.

Ecuador After President Lasso dissolved the National Assembly in May, he appealed to a legal mechanism known as the death cross, which also meant curtailing his mandate. In this way, he prevented the impeachment political trial from voting.

New members of the National Assembly, whose term ends in May 2025, were also elected on Sunday.

An indigenous woman casts her vote at a polling station in Tarqui, Cuenca canton, Azuay province. (Photo by Cristina Vega RHOR / AFP).

Coriasm and the second round

said Santiago Pasabé, professor of political science at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO). Trade That is very difficult Luisa Gonzalez Win in the second round.

“The only candidate he could have won was Yaku Pérez,” he insisted.

said Basabhe A significant percentage of the Ecuadorian population is opposed to handing power back to the correísmo, but also noted that Rafael Correa’s party has 30% actual voters. He said it is the most important political force in the country.

As for how the campaign will shape up in the second round, Basabhe opined that the issue of security will continue to be at the fore. “I think it will be more intense.”

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Bassabe questioned the candidates’ strong pledges and references to Salvadoran President Nayeb Buchele in the latter part of the campaign for the first round.

And he added, “Countries where civil society is immobilized or non-existent have the most potential for the Bugel model, and it seems to me that Ecuador is one of them.”

Citizens are guarded by the military at their polling stations on general election day in Guayaquil. (EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda).

Election day

Disbelief, fear, discouragement, hope. These are the sentiments expressed by the people of Ecuador during Sunday’s early elections.

“Insecurity and crime must end. It harms many Ecuadorian families,” citizen Ana Lucia told El Comercio after voting at the Mejia National Institute in Quito.

Citizens cast their votes without incident at the polling station, which was heavily guarded by thousands of police and army personnel. At the end of the day, police insisted there was no bloodshed.

Voting abroad was difficult. After the election, National Electoral Council President Diana Atmaint agreed Cyber ​​attack on electronic voting system for voters residing abroad.

He added that the attack was launched from seven countries: India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Indonesia, India and Ukraine.

For her part, Isabel de Saint Malo, head of OAS observers and Panama’s vice-president and foreign minister, said the National Electoral Council was “informed and warned about some of the problems that have arisen with telematic voting.”

Of the 13.4 million Ecuadorians authorized to vote, 120,000 have registered to do so abroad.

Diana Atmaint added Participation reached 82.26%, which is within historical figures recorded in previous elections.

Police General Commander Fausto Salinas said a total of 945 people had been arrested since last Friday, many of them for violating the dry law and others because of legal requirements.

Ecuador is experiencing waves of violence, extortion, kidnapping and assault on men On the streets promoted by criminal gangs fighting the drug trade. So far in 2023, more than 4,300 murders have been recorded, which is already more than what was recorded in 2022.

Violence occurred before and after August 9 As candidate Fernando Villavicencio left a rally in Quito, a mob assassinated him..

Crime has changed election campaigning and candidates have adopted the rhetoric A strong hand against insecurityIn reference to the president of El Salvador and his anti-gang policies, one candidate, John Topic, even called himself “The Ecuadorian Buccle.”

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Insecurity, economic crisis and corruption should be the priorities of the next government

By Mauricio Salvador-Alarcon

Political Analyst and Executive Director of Citizenship and Development Foundation

As many as 18 months are too short a period to govern the government and show good results. This takes into account that Guillermo Lasso’s government will set the bar very low, as it has not shown results regarding the three main priorities identified by citizens: insecurity, economic crisis and corruption.

In this sense, some results can be shown in terms of urgent priority protection of the future government. Achieving at least good budget execution would be positive to provide the police with inputs that would allow them to fight crime. The first steps in the public safety policy and the plan developed with the citizens are to understand the peculiarities and peculiarities of each sector of the country.

As far as the economic situation is concerned, the country’s conditions weigh heavily on its reactivation. In this sense, with legal certainty and physical security, there may again be some incentive for foreign and national investment to return.

On the issue of corruption, although the outgoing government talked a lot about the matter and went so far as to create a secretariat, little or nothing has been done, so they will mainly be actions related to recovering resources. Lost to corruption. Let the incoming government show some results.

Finally, it will be vital for presidential candidates to show immediate results, given the possibility of a full mandate in the 2025 elections. desire.

On the other hand, the term heavy-handed used in the campaign sounds too good to the ears of a citizen who can’t even go out to eat breakfast in peace, but none of the eight presidential couples who used the term mentioned it. It is recorded in their plans while registering their nominations.

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