Machu Picchu: Tourist proposes marriage to his partner in Cusco and hits the networks: “With the blessing of the sun god” | Tik Tok Viral | Viral video

Machu Picchu: Tourist proposes marriage to his partner in Cusco and hits the networks: “With the blessing of the sun god” |  Tik Tok Viral |  Viral video

The clip has garnered over 800,000 views on TikTok. Photo: LR Mix/ Tiktok

A couple showed their love with a tender proposal in Machu Picchu. This fact surprised viewers and netizens on social networks especially Tik Tok. In the viral clip, you can see how one of the youngsters kneels down in front of a boy and shows off his engagement ring. As expected, the latter was genuinely surprised by the proposal. “What a beautiful detail,” users highlighted.

The tourist proposed to his partner in Machu Picchu

According to a viral video on TikTok, a gay couple visited an Inca wonder So much so One of them took advantage of the beautiful moment to propose to his partner. In the video, you can see how he kneels down and picks up a small box with an engagement ring. He then shows the boy the shiny object, and he chooses to cover his eyes as a sign of surprise.

“Congratulations,” users highlighted. Photo: TikTok

After that, the boyfriend asks if he wants to marry him, and the other young man says yes. The emotional moment ends with a tender hug. It was learned that the two who visited were from Venezuela.

Users congratulated the couple who got engaged in Machu Picchu

“Let them be happy, there is no one to judge”, “If I believe in love, I believe that the request is original”, “With the blessing of the Sun God”, “One day it will be my turn”, “Love, in all their forms, it will always be love”, ” What a beautiful detail, the envy of the healthy”, “Beautiful couple, congratulations and in the best place”, “I congratulate you, I love, wish you are the best today and always, you deserve to be so happy, I wish the same thing happens to me someday”, ” May the love last forever”, “Machu Picchu is beautiful and magical”, “Seeing this evidence of love gives us hope that we can still believe in love and build our own family”, said TikTok users.

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What you need to know about Yes or Yes in Cusco?

According to expert Richard Velasquez, visitors to Cusco should visit Machu Picchu, the Mountain of Seven Colors, the Humande Lagoon, the city of Cusco, and the Sacred Valley. The recommended duration to experience the splendor of the region is seven days.

Also, to get used to it, you can first visit the Inca wonder, because it is located at an altitude of 2,430 meters above the city. Then, take a tour of the city, the Sacred Valley, and then take on more challenging trails, such as climbing the Seven Colors Mountain.

These are the free places you can visit in Cusco

Many archaeological sites in Cusco have front entrance; However, if you want to enjoy the region and stretch your budget, these are the options:

  • San Blas neighborhood
  • 12 angular stone
  • Hilario Mendeville Workshop Museum
  • San Francisco de Borja Pool
  • Main square
  • Sabandiana Aqueduct.

Why is Machu Picchu a wonder of the world?

So much so It is considered a wonder of the world for its impressive Inca architecture, its strategic location in the Peruvian Andes, and its extraordinary state of preservation. Built in the 15th century, the fort offers a wonderful mix of sophisticated stone buildings, agricultural terraces and religious temples harmoniously integrated into the hilly terrain. Its rediscovery in 1911 revealed a unique testimony to the engineering and artistic prowess of the Incas, making it a symbol of world cultural heritage and one of the most important tourist attractions on the planet.

What other valuable tourist attractions does Cusco offer besides Machu Picchu?

The best tourist places to visit during dry season are:

  • So much so
  • The mountain of seven colors
  • Q’eswachaka, the last Inca bridge
  • Humante Lagoon (turns turquoise blue)
  • Bukka Bukhara
  • The Sacred Valley (Pisaac, Calca, Uke, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo).
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