Madeleine McCann: Girl’s strange sanctuary found by couple in Portugal, near where she disappeared | United Kingdom | Story | EC Stories | the world

Madeleine McCann: Girl’s strange sanctuary found by couple in Portugal, near where she disappeared |  United Kingdom |  Story |  EC Stories |  the world

In December 2007, a retired couple United Kingdom He was on vacation Portugal They noticed a kind of sanctuary, which they associated with the missing Madeleine McCann. The girl was last seen on May 3 of the same year while enjoying a family vacation in the European country. Although tourists immediately reported their discovery, authorities did not pay attention to the discovery, and recently, a new investigation led to an excavation at the site.

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Last week, officials Portugal and GermanyWhere a suspect was identified in 2020, he cooperated with the execution A search on the banks of the reservoir Arate DamMcCann disappeared in the Algarve 16 years ago.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Portuguese Judicial Police work in the area of ​​the Arete Dam in Silves on May 25, 2023. (Photo by FILIPE AMORIM / AFP).

A British retired couple, from 66 and 67 years And asked him to identify himself Ralph Y AnnHe was in the area for vacation. Seven months after Madeleine’s disappearance. In one of his paths, Warned a kind of sanctuaryCreated in an array “Arrow-shaped” rocks They found themselves heading towards the water and towards a tourist area A photo of a girl with a bouquet of flowers; As mentioned .

My chest hurts when I remember it”, pointed out the woman with a bouquet of flowers White lilies and a photograph A three-year-old British girl sits on a stone. According to the couple, after reporting their discovery Portuguese policeThey received a statement from them but did not receive a reply.

The couple said they had a bouquet of white lilies as a tribute to the girl. (Daily Mail).

Then, then Arrest of Christian Bruckner German authorities have unveiled the main suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance A new line of research They also asked nearby tourists to report any sightings. “Then, when we saw him, Everything was very strangeRalph warned. And he noted: “I thought: ‘Someone threw Madeleine into the water and then came to build a shrine in her memory?'”.

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“Sanctuary” is found in Madeleine’s memory.

A thorough search operation

According to the aforementioned newspaper, A massive search operation has been carried out in recent years, near where Madeleine McCann disappeared, for three days. The discovered material will be analyzed by the researchers, however they will also analyze Ralph and Ann disappeared: Both the girl’s photograph and the bouquet. while, Soil samples were taken in the area and sent to Germany for analysis by authorities.

Generally, The search results are not very promising To the girl’s parents Kate and Jerry. “There’s certainly some expectation, but it’s not high,” the lawyer said. Christian Wolters. I add: “We are still searching for the bodyAnd there are other things too.

For his part, the director Missing Children’s Association, Patricia De Sousa Ciprianosaid: “If these new searches at Arede Dam confirm blatant errors in the investigation, then The Portuguese police must justify themselves And make sure it doesn’t happen again.”


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