Magali Medina mocks Jessica Newton for giving her ticket to Miss Peru: “It’s not generosity, it’s necessity”

Magali Madina mocks Jessica Newton for giving her a ticket. The host made it clear that the display was not out of generosity, but the need to fill seats at his event.

At the request of his supporters, Magali Medina talked about Miss Peru, took place on June 9. Amid laughter, the presenter noted how long the thousand tickets and advertisements had been given to the residents of Galla.

“What’s funny, Jessica, for opposing us, said that all the tickets have already been sold. ‘No tickets yet, have to settle by watching the YouTube channel’ (she said). And the deputy mayor of Gallo goes and says that a thousand people were invited for free. In other words, those big gaps They have distributed tickets so as not to be left out, and there will be empty chairs at transfer time,” he pointed out. Magali Medina with sarcasm

The television host felt sorry for the people who went to watch the match, even though they didn’t pay anything, and had to endure long hours in the cold.

“With the help of the municipality of Gallao, they put buses, they gave out a thousand tickets to several neighborhoods so that poor women could go there, and of course many of them were bored, because they put the last one, where you can’t see anything. , dead from the cold. It lasted for hours, none of the candidates knew .The poor lady said ‘I’m here because they invited me, otherwise I wouldn’t have paid $200.’

“Every few moments they cut to long commercial breaks, I think it lasted 15 minutes, and there wasn’t even a commercial break on television,” he noted.

Magali Medina teases Miss Peru and a thousand tickets given to residents of Callo.

At another time, he clarified to the mayor, he generously invited Jessica Newton. Magali Medina What the organizer pointed out Miss Peru This is not an act of mercy, but a necessity when looking at empty spaces.

A thousand tickets were given away thanks to the generosity of Jessica Newton, the mayor says. No, Mayor, thanks to the need to fill seats, don’t confuse the word generosity with the need to fill unsold seats, because people are not crazy enough to pay for such a poor show and watch unknown misses,” he concluded..

In an event that started an hour late, thousands of emotions were experienced. Especially when Cesar PerezCallao’s deputy mayor took the stage to dedicate a few words to Jessica Newton.

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In addition to highlighting Amma’s work Cassandra Sanchez dela Madrid In the country’s most important beauty pageant, César Pérez noted that more people want to meet him because he is hosting the event in his city.

“We want to thank you because with this type of competition you are helping to civilize Callao, to raise the good image of our beloved constitutional province. And all the Chalagos are very proud of you coming from Galla,” he said before Jessica Newton.

The surprise comes when the Deputy Mayor confesses Miss Peru He gave away a total of one thousand tickets to the residents of Galla to attend the beauty pageant in person.

“More than a thousand people who live here in Callo have entered for free to watch this pageant because you had the generosity to invite them, we are with them, they are with you, they are with Miss Peru,” Perez said, surprising users watching the event.

The director of the Miss Peru organization was recognized by the vice-mayor of the constitutional province for his gesture with the neighbors. | Network light

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