Magali Medina never appeared on screen again | Video | programs

Magali Medina never appeared on screen again |  Video |  programs

Magali Madina did not attend her tuned program again within thirty days. For this reason, past reports were published, many expected to know more about the birthday case Pamela Franco, and the arrival of Christian Cueva For celebration. But what happened ‘Magpie’?.

A few hours ago, the journalist shared a message on his Instagram stories complaining about the discomfort; However, he did not mention anything like what happened a few days ago.

“Today I woke up with a very cold, fever. I’m going to get an injection and an antihistamine so I can do the project at night. “There’s been a sudden change in temperature and I’m going to drink something hot to see what stops this congestion,” He said.

Let us remember that Magali Medina He did not appear on Magali TV’s edition of La Firme last Monday, June 17, because his throat did not allow him to speak.

Magali ‘destroys’ Mark Vito for kissing at Keiko’s trial

Magali Medina shows her passion after witnessing those kisses the night before Mark Vito During the interrogation of his ex-wife, he gave it to his new girlfriend Keiko Fujimori. “Poor man, what has he become, a patchwork of himself” He said the famous ‘Urraqa’.

“If I were his ex-wife, I would die of shame, but happily I’m not. Mark Vito is doing the role of his life. Well, he does it every day on his TikTok, on television, but now, they’re going after Keiko.He said Magali Medina.

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