Magali Medina tells Ale Venturo not to trust Melissa Paredes and Activator because they are friends of Rodrigo Gado Cuba | Videos | Show Business | trcm | programs

driver Magali Medina Used your program’s screen to send the alert Ali Venturo Pictures of Melissa Paredes with the businesswoman’s daughter aired after the “Love and Fire” show.

‘Urraga’ hinted that Venturo should not trust Paredes and Anthony Aranda, known as ‘Activators’.

Ale Venturo Shouldn’t Trust This Couple (via Melissa Paredes and ‘Activator’) Because they are deeply happy that this relationship is over with ‘Cat’ Cuba. Let the ‘cat’ go bad and they’ll be happy”‘Magpie’ he said.

TROME | Magali warns Ale Venturo: “You shouldn’t trust Melissa Paredes and ‘Activator'”

Be careful who you bring into your home You too ‘cat’, you haven’t learned your lesson yet. You know you shouldn’t trust Melissa Paredes more than “Activator.”Added the driver.

Melissa would have recommended a lawyer to Ale to reconcile with ‘Gado’ Cuba

The program ‘Amor y Fuego’ presented footage of Rodrigo ‘Gado’ visiting the home of Cuba’s mother, Ms. Yesmena Pietra. A clear proof that the football player and Ale Venturo ended their romantic relationship.

In the agenda report, it was noted that Rodrigo did not want to testify for the cameras, but the athlete was seen arriving at his mother’s house with his personal belongings.

In addition, the location provided by Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín’ indicated that Ale Venturo was already coordinating with a lawyer to reconcile with the father of his last daughter.

“It goes beyond that Ale put herself in the hands of a lawyer, none other than Dr. Wilmer Arica, and you know who would have recommended her, none other than Melissa Parede.sMentioned in the statement ‘Love and Fire’.

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