Magali Medina’s message to Daniela Darcourt after Sergio Jorge doubts Salsera’s success

Magali Medina’s message to Daniela Darcourt after Sergio Jorge doubts Salsera’s success
Magali Medina proved Daniela Darcourt’s talent and showed her public support after being criticized by singer Sergio Jorge. | instagram

Magali Medina After Sergio Jorge questioned the success of the salsa singer, he did not remain silent and decided to share a release about Daniela Torcourt. ATV personality ‘Senor Mendira’ supported the translator after his excellent participation. ‘Wake Up America’, program on the American network Univision.

On Yahaira Plasencia’s podcast, the music producer made a special guest appearance and said that the high number of views on the artist’s YouTube channel may not be entirely genuine, hinting that they can be purchased.

The businessman’s statements generated countless reactions, such as Natalia Malaga, who criticized his comments. host’Magali TV Law Firm’ He didn’t directly post a message, but decided to express his admiration for the young lady.

Magali Medina shows her support for Daniela Darcourt. | Composition/Infobae

Through their Instagram stories, Magali Medina He not only showed his support for Daniela Darcourt, but also made it clear his pride in the singer’s achievements.

The communicator shared a video posted by the translator on TikTok, which summed up his time at ‘Desperata America’. Along with the clip, the presenter wrote in English “Proud of you”, It means “proud of you” in Spanish.

At this time, he has yet to give a direct statement on the words Sergio GeorgeHe even lost his voice last Monday due to health issues as he was absent from his show.

Daniela Darcourt Sergio Jorge and Yahaira Plasencia answer.

Daniela Darcourt, for its part, was not left unanswered and used its social networks to defend itself against Sergio Jorge’s accusations. The talented salsa singer posted a message to the music producer: “Ay Don Sergio”.

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He then added: Blessings to my partner today and always. Let’s keep moving forward.” This was an apparent reference to her colleague Yahaira Placencia.

Followers of The Salsa Company also raised their voices on X (formerly Twitter) and showed their support. “When you have talent you don’t need to talk about or compare your colleagues, Daniela has it. I feel like she can’t be on the level of both of them, she sold out, Yahaira has nothing.”, said one user.

Daniela Darcourt spoke. X/@@RicLaTorreZ

Amidst this controversy, Daniela Darcourt cHe continues to focus on his music career, demonstrating his dedication and effort in the field every day.

American producer Sergio George Peruvian singer Daniela Torcourt has created controversy with her recent statements about her success on YouTube.

During the singer’s ‘Talking With Yaha’ interview Yahaira PlacenciaOn the video platform, Salsa expressed doubts about the boat’s visibility and the reliability of the subscriber figures.

The foreign businessman admitted in the interview that he was initially interested in working with her, not only because of her talent, but also because of the impressive numbers she gave on YouTube. However, he pointed out that these figures are not entirely true.

Sergio Jorge questions the authenticity of Daniela Tarcourt’s success on YouTube. (Credit: YouTube)

“I tried first Because Daniela had a huge number on YouTube... I don’t know if I bought the number or not, I don’t know if I bought it or not, but I have two numbers,” he said.

In addition, he noted a preference for urban salsa influenced by his New York roots, which led him to collaborate with artists such as Yahaira Placencia instead of Darkcourt.

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In the same episode of the podcast, supported George Placencia’s choice, He tells how he decided to work with her after a performance in Colombia, where the singer demonstrated her ability to dance and sing in the style of Brazilian Anita.

Inspired by their performance, they traveled to Miami to record the song “Y Le Dies No” and then to Lima to formalize the contract and launch their career internationally.

Sergio Jorge questions the authenticity of Daniela Tarcourt’s success on YouTube. (Composite: Infobae)


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