Magali says goodbye to Yola Polastri, a message for Luciana Fuster and a condemnation of the singer of Los Rebeldes de la Cumbia

Magali says goodbye to Yola Polastri, a message for Luciana Fuster and a condemnation of the singer of Los Rebeldes de la Cumbia

Magali attacked Luciana Fuster and expressed her hope that he would reach important contracts in Thailand and not return to participate in games and controversies with Patricio Barodi in Esto es Guevara.

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Magali criticized the women’s ministry for focusing on entertainment issues instead of dealing with important cases in the country. Instead of worrying about such superficial cases, Awajun, they should focus on getting justice for those children,” he noted.

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The Women’s Ministry sends a letter to Magali Medina saying that Torita Orpegoso looked like a piranha while fighting in the street.

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A member of the ‘Rebelde de la cumbia’ disfigured his accomplice, who reported him a second time at his home in Chiclayo. However, the young woman initially did not report him out of fear, although she now admits that she regrets it.

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An emotional farewell to Magali Madina Yola Bolastri. The ATV personality showed her emotional side in front of the cameras and dedicated a few words to the popular ‘TV girl’.

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With emotional scenes of pain and her memorial songs playing in the background, the remains of iconic TV actress Yola Polastri were laid to rest at the Jardins de la Paz cemetery in La Molina.

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Magali admitted to being fed up with the alleged relationship between Carla Tarazona and Cristian Dominguez, going so far as to shout at the shoot, which drew laughter from her press team.

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Disgusting comparisons between Pamela Franco and Pamela Lopez. Despite sharing names and being in a relationship with someone named Christian, both have undergone multiple surgeries to achieve their best looks.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)
(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Beato Ortiz is a presidential candidate against Philip Butter and continues to lead Vilax: “Whether he is a TV host or a politician, he cannot be both at the same time. “It all makes sense now,” he noted.

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Samahara Lopatan says her face is very expressive in the pictures at the airport, where you can see the couple fighting.

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Magali Madina begins her program with a new complaint. Cumbiambero interrupted his partner in the middle of an argument: “It’s judicial,” he remarked.

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Has Christian Cueva met Pamela Franco?

Cristian Cueva was caught on film on July 8 entering and leaving his friend’s house in San Borja, then going to Chorrillos, according to ‘Magali TV La Firme’.

Pictures show his truck in the district which was also seen at his birthday party Pamela Franco, This raised questions about his movements after his split from Pamela Lopez, the mother of his children.

Magali Medina revealed details indicating how the Peruvian footballer tried to avoid media coverage after his vehicle was identified near the former Alma Bella’s residence.

The program goes on to mention that after leaving San Borja, Carr went to the home of Cueva’s friend in Chorillos, the owner of the cevicheria ‘La Cueva del 10’ in El Agustino.

At another point in the show, Magali Medina made a new revelation: ‘Aladdin’ and Franco would have been together at the salsa singer’s house on July 3.

Christian Cueva and the exact moment he entered and left Pamela Franco’s house. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Reviews of America Television

Magali Medina He did not miss an opportunity to criticize America Television for choosing Ernesto Pimentel as host of the Yola Polastri special. “They are brutal on social media. Don’t America have better statistics? “Her image is tarnished and Yola does not deserve this,” he said, stressing that the children’s entertainer deserves a more dignified and respectful tribute.

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Through these controversies and revelations, Magali Medina proves once again why her show is one of the most watched and talked about on Peruvian television, always on the edge of controversies and news.

Magali Medina asks questions of tribute to Yola Polastri with Ernesto Pimentel: “They will have pure images.” (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

What happened on ‘Maghali TV Law Firm’ on Monday 8th?

In a night full of emotions, Magali Medina He opened his show with a heartfelt tribute to the beloved Yola Polastri, who died unexpectedly on Sunday, July 7. The show host danced and sang the iconic song ‘I’m Captain’, remembering the joy that the ‘TV girl’ always conveys.

The night continued with shocking news. Carrillo shocked the sports world by revealing that Jefferson Farfan attacked a sports journalist Mid-flight, he hit a newspaper in the face. “He hit the newspaper in the face and he didn’t say anything,” she said.

Medina did not hesitate to describe the two footballers as self-conscious, criticizing them for saturating the judicial system with unnecessary cases. “He sued me because he couldn’t hit me,” the journalist said.

Amidst the controversy, Koki Gonzalez defended himself by denying that he had spoken at the request of the Peruvian Football Federation and claiming that Carrillo and Farban’s statements were false. “If you want to tell the truth, tell it well,” Gonzalez hit back, trying to clarify the facts.

In a slight twist, Vanessa Lopez He attracted attention by flaunting Johnny Silva’s money on social media. The mother of Christian Cueva’s children didn’t hesitate to share a video of herself blowing herself up with bundles of over 5,000 soles each. “Looks like you’ve never seen so much money together,” Magali commented in her characteristic sarcastic tone.

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Tension was palpable on set as well, when Madina questioned her live crew for not showing her requested footage. “It’s good that people know,” he said, showing his annoyance and demanding more efficiency in the production of the project.

Magali Medina asks questions of tribute to Yola Polastri with Ernesto Pimentel: “They will have pure images.” (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Where to watch ‘Mahali TV Law Firm’ live?

Currently, Magali TV Law Firm It is telecasted live on ATV Signal so that the public can enjoy its entertainment segments and exclusive interviews. The program is available on Open TV and through various cable options in Peru, including DirecTV, Movistar TV, Claro TV and Best Cable.

  • Open signal/channel 9
  • DirecTV / Channel 199 (SD/HD)
  • Movistar TV / Canal 9 (SD) Canal 709 (HD)
  • Claro TV / Channel 9 (SD)
  • Best Cable / Channel 9
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What time does ‘Magali TV Law Firm’ start?

program Magali TV Law FirmHosted by Magali Madina, it is telecast live from Monday to Friday, 9:45 PM to 11:00 PM, however, it is important to note that the schedule may vary due to unforeseen circumstances such as the anchor’s duties, national holidays, etc. Exchange of sporting events.

How to watch ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ online?

There are many ways to enjoy A show by Magali Madina reality. You can download ATV Play or Movistar Play application on your mobile phone from play store. You can also access the official ATV website, which allows you to follow the programming live. In addition, it is broadcast live every night via its official YouTube channel, although it should be noted that there may be some limitations in audio and video quality.


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