Magali Sollier reappears and reveals how her rehabilitation process is going: “I don’t know”

Magali Sollier appeared again and gave details of her recovery process. China Band / America TV

In the past year, Magali Solier She has been the heroine of painful episodes which forced her to quit acting and stay away from her children. However, the national actress is on the mend and is doing everything possible to shine again like she once did, she revealed to the cameras.Chinese band‘.

The program was held under the leadership of Alto Miyashiro came HuandaDept AyakuchoSee progress Magali Solier. The translator is undergoing psychotherapy to control his alcohol addiction, a disease the award-winning artist admitted he suffers from during an interview.

“I am a farmer mother. I wasn’t conscious until my mother told me, I swear: ‘You’re wrong.’ I am very grateful to Amma,” revealed the actress who gave life to ‘Fasta’ in the critically acclaimed ‘La Detta Asustada’.

At her farm, Magali Soulier still holds the awards she received for her masterful performance. (Chinese Band / America TV)

After that, Magali Solier He said he was under treatment for two months National Institute of Psychiatry Honorio Delgado, in Lima. However, the experience was not pleasant. “It scared me a lot, a lot of people. It was a very strong treatment for alcoholism. I gave it up because so many people shouted, ‘Mom, Dad, get me out of here,'” he admitted to the reporter. America TV.

Currently the artist is undergoing treatment there Huanda Psychiatric Center, which demonstrates a favorable recovery process. “I asked for my transfer. They are treating me well, thank God,” said the actress, who was not allowed to see her children until now. Eric Pliny, his former partner. “I am forbidden to work.”

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“I’m fine, thank you very much. I’m very grateful,” he insisted. the ground About the encouraging messages he received in his worst condition.

Magali Soulier was denied access to her children following a complaint filed by her ex-partner. (Chinese Band / America TV)

In March 2023, Magali Solier appeared with a disfigured face Mary Help of Christians Hospitalin the district Saint John of Miraflores. Before being examined by experts, the actress left the medical center and it was speculated that she was mistreated by the person who took her to the hospital.

In conversation withChinese band‘, the person identified as the accused aggressor, Marco AlvarezHe denied hitting the famous artist.

Marco Alvarez denied that Magali physically abused Solier. (Chinese Band / America TV)

“That’s a lie, she crashed her bicycle before the race. He was driving and he must have lost his balance, I don’t know. I know her for 10 years and we have only friendship like brothers. But I don’t know what life will say later,” he explained.

For his part, Magali Solier He said he was alone. “I want to have a partner, I’m alone, I want to die alone,” he said.

In August 2021, Eric Pliny Sued Magali Solier Of course, he was drunk and abused his children. After serious allegations, the prosecutor’s office determined that the Peruvian was not competent to care for his two young children, so the father received full custody of both. It was also decided that the actress should pass 3 thousand alimony.

Two years later, the ground He worried his fans by appearing drunk on public roads. Shortly after, he ran away while trying to visit his children and was caught in a scandal at Huanda Police Station.

Magali Solier faced a difficult moment when he appeared drunk on public roads.

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