Magaly Medina surprises the Peruvian team with a plunging neckline to cover up the game and capture the male audience: “I have two powerful reasons” | Video | Showbiz | programs


Magali Madina is ‘uncovered’. Football craze was at its peak on Friday, June 14, due to the camaraderie between Peru and El Salvador. A few minutes before 6:00 PM, ATV dedicated its programs to this sport, which has a huge following.

The Peruvian team’s match occupied the programs until 9:30 pm, at which time ‘Magali TV La Firma’ began. However, other channels devoted more time to the incidents of the match, and Magali came up for the occasion.

Magali Madina wows as she reveals she wore a plunging neckline to woo male onlookers

True to his style, he made it clear that he does not like football. Showcasing a plunging neckline, she noted that male viewers have two powerful reasons to stay with her. Laughing, the communicator pointed out that he uses his tricks to attract football fans, especially men, to his program.

“I am not interested in football. “If the program doesn’t appeal to them, I’m sure I’ll show the men of the house two powerful reasons to continue watching the show.” He pointed out between laughs.

“If you are not interested in gossip, information about the show, at least appreciate it. It costs me money. “You have to show what you have to show, you don’t have to be selfish” The entertainment journalist concluded with a smile.

Magali Medina

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