Makerland in Knowledge Park: Science, Technology and Creativity

On December 1, Knowledge Park presents the second edition of MAKERLAND. How about an event celebrating innovation?

Makerland is the largest technology festival bringing together the entire ecosystem of Missions’ knowledge economy. With three simultaneous stages for conferences, competitions and concerts, as well as exhibitions, interactions and workshops, Makerland invites you to immerse yourself in a universe of innovation that doubles last year’s challenge: to sort out the best of the 25 hectares of the Knowledge Park. The producer culture of the first startup province.

Robot shows and virtual reality helmets to travel to different metaverses are some of the experiences that can be found at Makerland. Meeting is designed for video game fans to experience technology in a playful way. Also, for those who do not have access to Knowledge Park, Makerland will be created digitally through streaming platforms.

Among the innovations of this cycle, Runway Robot stands out, a parade of robots organized by the School of Robotics, with the “Suma do Escuela” program offering interactive workshops, informative talks and live demonstrations. A competition with unique and self-directed challenges.

Conectar LAB, the innovation lab of the Knowledge Park, will offer workshops for all ages; From activities for minimakers ages 6 to 8 to video game, photography and art workshops for kids ages 9 to 18.

This edition includes three mega-stands: the circular economy secretariat’s interactive space, where there will be an exhibition of recycled products and an explanatory environmental point; Innovation High School booth hosting science fair; and the inevitable Missions Designa stand, where there will be rotating micro-events, simulators, games and more.

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Silicon Missions is responsible for star guests and the strategic alliances it is developing. He is responsible for the grid of research papers by recognized experts and businessmen in the industry. Additionally, Silicon Park will host a Missionary Tour viewing lab next to the hub at the lab. Another innovation in the Polo Tic is its functionality with microelectronics used in mobile devices.

Apart from being a place to learn about the latest trends, Makerland is also a place to build relationships between professionals, students, hobbyists and entrepreneurs. The essential live broadcast to connect the entire sector will be carried out by Channel 12 and La Casa del Streaming, which will report the gamer finals of three provincial online tournaments: CS2, Lol and Valorant.

As the Knowledge Park host, the School of Robotics, Secondary School of Innovation, Industrial Park, Dick Boll, Silicon Missions and Missions Gamer are once again bringing together a universe of creativity to harness technology across all sectors. Since its inception, Knowledge Park has been inviting and encouraging talent who share their creations with the public and receive recognition from various industries. On this occasion, and through Makerland, there will be local DJs and cosplay performances by artists such as DAWN FALL, freestyle and performances, and spaces for international performances with the Mega Show.

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