Marcelo Dinelli appoints a young blonde to replace Milet Figueroa in Copa America: who is she and what does she do?

Marcelo Dinelli appoints a young blonde to replace Milet Figueroa in Copa America: who is she and what does she do?
Marcelo Dinelli replaces Milet Figueroa in Copa America with a mysterious woman. America Today

Marcelo Dinelli This is news again Argentina And inside Peru After being spotted with a blonde America’s Cup. It was the young woman who posted a series of pictures on her account. Instagram. On this podium, the blonde posed with the Argentinian driver and the couple Milet Figueroa.

The Peruvian model is in Argentina and unable to travel miami, Because his visa has expired. That is the reason Argentina provider found in America Alone with her cousinThe Tree’Enjoying football experiences.

These snapshots are powerful attention grabbers. Here Dinelli He took a photo with the beautiful young lady who didn’t hesitate to lean on the driver’s chest. “Like Qatar… but better,” the blonde captioned Marcelo Already ‘El Derry.

Marcelo Tinelli poses with a woman named Maria Eugenia. I.G.

‘America Today’ Contacted the journalist of the show LAM, Santiago Esposato, He asked if the blonde in question was known in Argentina. “We had to Google it. “If it was the bride, that photo wouldn’t have been taken,” the spokesperson said.

“And what’s more, I think he’s working on a TV show on a cable signal that nobody watches. On a channel that’s off the radar,” the Argentine said.

Maria Eugenia Schlatter is 35 years old from Argentina. I.G.

However, what is clear is that Marcelo Dinelli I would have already had another meeting with the blonde. A photo of the two can be seen on the set of the host’s pre-2023 project through his Instagram account.

After spreading this image Marcelo Dinelli With a stunning blonde complexion, many wondered who this mysterious woman was. About Maria Eugenia SchlatterA young lawyer of Argentine nationality, working as a team member in the Argentine project Intermetidos.

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She is 35 years old and single. In addition, she is the bearer of a model and 1.60 cm. Besides being a Libra and a lawyer, she is also Influencer and Model. He is a crew member of the aforementioned TV show and his hobby is traveling around the world.

He is very active on social networks and does not hesitate to share his professional and personal experiences. It has more than 400 thousand followers Instagram.

Marcelo Dinelli poses very affectionately with Argentina’s Maria Eugenia Schlatter. America TV

The reaction from social media users was immediate. followers of the couple Tinelli – Figueroa They expressed their annoyance through these photographs taken in it America’s Cupfar away Milet Figueroa. They do not hesitate to comment on the account Instagram of Maria Eugenia Schlatter.

Netizens slammed him for not respecting someone in a relationship. “How do you lean on the neck of a man who is in a relationship normally? “Quarter cat,” one user wrote. “Keep it and don’t give it backPlease,” said another follower.

“When you get involved in the relationship between Marcelo and Milet, it’s easy,” “It’s not like you get involved with a solid man like Marcelo. Respect”, “Learn to respect”, “And Dinelli’s girlfriend? He should have left her because of this meow. Michifussss”, netizens said. A few of the many messages left for the blonde.

Marcelo Dinelli enjoys his journey with Milet Figueroa. I.G.

In an interview Milet FigueroaThe hosts of the Argentine show ‘Socios del Espectáculo’ highlighted his attitude when talking about his relationship with the Peruvian model. Marcelo Dinelli. According to them, the actress is not happy and only conforms to her answers.

“I am renewing my visa. I see him enjoying life, he is enjoying his best moment. I always go with him on that. Joy, join us”, was the reply Milet Figueroa When asked about the Argentinian driver’s stay in the US for the Copa America.

About the resolutions Marcelo Dinelli And the bad streak he had in his last project, Milet Figueroa He mentioned that he will always support him. Even in her looks.

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“I like what he does and that’s why I’m with him. I’m also happy with his decision,” he said.

Asked if she had talked about marriage with Dinelli, the Peruvian noted that “when you have to enjoy something, you don’t have to presuppose anything as long as it lasts.”

“When you’re with someone, you always wish the best for the couple,” she added. Milet FigueroaUnlike other interviews he has given, he appears to be in a slightly subdued mood.

Milett Figueroa reacts reluctantly about her relationship with Marcelo Tinelli. Show partners


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