Marcelo Dinelli’s Milet Figueroa in Peru vs. Calling for competition. Argentina and her angry: “By pity, no”

Marcelo Dinelli’s Milet Figueroa in Peru vs.  Calling for competition.  Argentina and her angry: “By pity, no”
Milet Figueroa was furious after Marcelo Dinelli called for the match against Peru. Argentina. America Today.

Marcelo Dinelli The decision to invite his cousin created a huge controversy in the Peruvian press “El Tri” want Copa America 2024 And didn’t bring his girlfriend Milet Figueroa. Before that, he went to America to interview the soccer star. Lionel MessiAnd it didn’t even take a national actress.

For this reason, the correspondent of the Argentine entertainment show ‘LAM’ Before Tinelli left for the US to watch the Argentine national team play, he approached the couple and asked them about the Peruvian’s frustration with her boyfriend not seeing their companion.

“The Peruvians are very worried because you didn’t take Millet to the Copa America, it’s a big issue in Peru,” commented a journalist on the show hosted by Angel de Brito.

Marcelo Dinelli He explained that his trip was to cover an international soccer event for America Television (Argentina) and not for fun or entertainment.

“He told me last night that in Peru they’re worried because they’re not going to the Copa America … but I’m going to work with ‘El Driri’ and hopefully, we’ll bring a filmmaker and we’ll go to work. For networks, for America, it’s complicated, right? “We’re not going for a walk,” he pointed out.

However, she felt a little compromised by Peruvians’ desire to see the former reality star.America’s Cup’, who commented that she might be invited to the ‘Albiceleste’ match against ‘Blanqueroja’ on 29 June.

“What I told her is that since Argentina is playing Peru in Miami on the 29th, I can put something together (with her) in Miami for her to come,” explained the model’s surprise and delight.

However, what seemed like happy news turned into an unpleasant moment. In response to Dinelli’s proposal, the LAM journalist made an unfortunate comment that sparked outrage. Milet Figueroa. “Do you find it pathetic? He pointed out the couple’s surprise.

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Figueroa expressed her total annoyance and pointed out that she didn’t feel like it was a proposal made out of pity, rather, Dinelli said what she felt. In addition, he insisted that he had work commitments in Buenos Aires that would prevent him from attending the game.

“No, why is it a pity, no, no, really, I don’t have to travel on every business trip he takes, because I honestly believe that everyone has their place, right?… What to do? Do it here. I don’t see him, every time. When he comes, if he goes on a trip, sure,” he said.

Milet Figueroa was furious after Marcelo Dinelli made the call for the match against Peru. Argentina. instagram

After rumors of a possible split between Milet Figueroa and Marcelo Dinelli, The model spoke about her reasons for not going to America to interview Lionel Messi, where her partner took her cousin ‘El Driri’.

The young model has mentioned that she respects her partner’s space, so she doesn’t stay with him all the time. “It’s okay to respect each other’s workplace”His brief reply.

But first, during a presentation Colón Theater, Argentina, the Peruvian stated that she was not sure whether or not she would travel to America, but that she hoped to lose her boyfriend as well. “I don’t know if we’re leaving or not, but he’s definitely leaving … It’s not about men or women, but it’s good to be tolerant of each other’s workplace. It’s good to miss each other,” he said.

Milet Figueroa on Marcelo Dinelli’s trip with his cousin ‘El Tirri’: “It means respecting the place of work.” (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Amidst this situation, Martha Valcarcel, Millet’s mother spoke about it. The dancer’s mother defended her daughter, explaining that she doesn’t always have to be behind her partner. He highlighted that Figueroa has a commitment to work

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“(Marcello Dinelli) goes to Copa America to work, and Millet is not his key chain, she is his girlfriend. Can you imagine that he doesn’t like soccer and jumps with him in a thousand places at work?” She has a lot of things to do... This is the image of many brands in Buenos Aires, that is the work and it pays. Thank God,” he concluded.

Milet Figueroa’s mother explains why her daughter won’t join Marcelo Dinelli for ‘Copa America 2024’ America Today.


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