Market prices normalize after failed coup, our economy remains resilient –

Market prices normalize after failed coup, our economy remains resilient –

The failed coup had an impact on the economy with events such as a temporary increase in the price of some goods, although our economy is resilient enough to return to normal,” said the President. of the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB), Edwin Rojas.


“This has had its impact on the economy, especially in the financial system, where persistent difficulties have been observed. The price of some commodities has been temporarily raised. However, what we observe is that our economy will be resilient. We observed normality in operations on Friday and some prices normalized,” he explained.

26 During the failed coup on Wednesday, many turned to irregular withdrawals, mainly at ATMs, and stockpiling of essential goods in markets, causing prices to rise.

According to data from the director of the Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Asfi), on the day of the failed coup, 200 million PS were withdrawn from ATMs, which is less than 1% of the total cash flow of the financial system.

“We have observed that our economy is strong and resilient. We have already observed a certain normalization in the activities on Friday, especially in the financial sector, and some prices have normalized in the markets. This is what we have seen in the short term and we believe it will return to normal this week,” explained Rojas. .

The plot was controlled the same day it was executed. So far, 21 people have been arrested for participating in the military operation led by former military commander Juan Jose Zunica.

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