Marketing and the humanities applied to economics and the role of artificial intelligence

Marketing and the humanities applied to economics and the role of artificial intelligence

In an increasingly technological and digitized world, is there room for professionals in humanities careers? With this perspective and connecting humanities students with companies with similar profiles, Cosmomedia Technology developed the study: 7 keys to the future of lettering in the companywhich analyzes how humanities profiles are gaining digital ground, thanks in part to artificial intelligence.

One of the aspects taken into account is the analytical vision offered by the humanities, on a broader, critical and contextual scale, added to a more detailed knowledge of human relations, which allows these professions to have this space for guidance and decision-making. corporate decisions.

This conceptual and documented vision explains precisely why so many positions of responsibility in large corporations bear the seal of the humanities. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook studied political science and English literature at Auburn University. Stuart Butterfield, founder and CEO of Slack, has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Victoria. We also have the case of Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, who has a degree in English literature from Harvard University or Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, who studied philosophy.

Besides teaching, with a good digital modernization, humanities can have their own workspace, in a more relevant way, as AI advances. Cosmomedia develops it in these seven keys, to understand and apply studies of history, philosophy, journalism or in all languages.

Artificial Intelligence, Humanities, and Digital Terrain

We’ve evolved from a copywriter to an engineer urgeAnd it’s basically the science of talking to AI. urge It is the way in which humans can talk to artificial intelligence, as there are some criteria to obtain the required service: summoned It should always be a complete and grammatically correct sentence. Therefore, you need to know how and what to ask the artificial intelligence. In this new geometry, letters are essential. Features of the editor urge He promised to gain digital ground in the coming years.

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Conversational AI systems are very powerful, but also very literal. Rapid engineering is necessary to guide AI in the process of generating logical answers. In this context, the purpose of summoned It is to define the context of the style (writing or design) or the desired goal (for example: “the phrase that the dental clinic would say to congratulate Mother’s Day on its social networks”).

Human Resources, the classic space for the humanities

Letters professions have had a human relations job opportunity in companies for many years, but now, the growth of remote work that expands the possibilities of finding the best professionals outside the geographic scope of the business forces to a certain extent of digitization skills of the recruiter, to reach the best, and the ability to analyze the presence across Internet professionals, testing their skills in this area, etc. In this sense, the professional must adapt his approach to the new ways of attracting talent in the digital field.

Digitize well-moderated documents

There is a huge amount of documentary material that has not yet been digitized. All this file requires hands that not only understand the applied technical methodology but also know how to evaluate with criteria to be able to apply it well. The theoretical part was never important, because without it, digitization would be a messy and useless process. There is no point in digitizing documents if they will not be easy to access later.

Big data and the humanities? The data analyst who knows how to put it in context

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In terms of big data, there are 3 main professional profiles: architect, scientist, and analyst. Although the first two are mainly technical, the analyst profile is broader and closely related to language. A data analyst deals with interpreting data and giving it a narrative, two tasks that can ideally develop career profiles in communications, journalism or philology.

Expand the “Digital Toolbox”

Digitization requires more and better analysis. And the greater the automation, the greater the need for highly qualified professionals to develop these work flows. In other words, not so many professionals are needed, but more qualified specialists. Therefore, in the specialization and in the ever-expanding “digital toolbox” is the path of employment opportunities in the humanities jobs. Knowledge does not occupy space, but it has its digital space, as long as it is accompanied by current tools, with practical applications.

This Digital Toolbox covers not only task automation, but it is completely cross-sectional. A historian can use photogrammetry to stand out in his field, which provides added value to an archaeological dig. Knowledge of design will allow you to better document any historical event. Video editing or 3D design might be that know-how that features virtual representations of cultural events, for example.

Marketing and the humanities applied to economics

Marketing has always been a good career opportunity for journalists, because both disciplines have common skills and knowledge, such as research skills, persuasive writing, understanding of the target audience, and the ability to tell stories effectively, which is what they are called in the industry.Narrative“.

In addition, with social networks, journalism and digital marketing have more and more in common. Brands strive to create content that is relevant and engaging for their audience, as part of their Content marketing Or content marketing journalists strive to do the same for their readers, creating interesting content that enables the long overdue click.

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In this sense, the marketing journalist and the media journalist come together in perfect symbiosis. One gets to improve the brand or brand of the company and the other gets interesting content to increase the number of readers/media visitors.

From digital journalist to content marketing specialist

The classic profile of a more institutional press office focuses on publishing events or agencies, but now, the corporate communications director number is closely associated with digital marketing. To coordinate communication with a business, you not only have to know what they do, but you also have to know how to sell them, and for that, you have to coordinate a good “in” and “offline” marketing strategy from social media strategy to email marketing, content marketing Ads, in ads…

With so many increasingly powerful digital marketing tools out there, the best one will be the one that offers the right support, that adapts to the service a company needs to perform, and that, as Cosmomedia pointed out, “the one you know how to use well. A powerful tool that’s useless if you don’t know how.” master it.”

Although the field of marketing is closely related to journalism, it also includes other humanities. Either to devote themselves to the sector or to apply the sector to form a personal brand, allowing the professional historian, journalist or philologist to have their own brand,
Trademarks Professional, to get a good career exit in own company.


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