Martha Chávez in a speech to Congress justifying the 1992 coup: “It’s natural that people on the left protest.”

Martha Chávez in a speech to Congress justifying the 1992 coup: “It’s natural that people on the left protest.”

Former Congresswoman People’s Army, Martha ChavezExpressed his opinion on the published text Congress Publishing FundEntitled “Peru’s Political Constitution for School Children”, it was described by some parliamentarians as a Fujimori campaign.

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Former Congresswoman People’s Army, Martha ChavezHe referred to the controversy arising from the publication of Congress Publishing Fund A version for school students Political Constitution of PeruIt is said to be a suicide attempt by the former president Alberto Fujimori On April 5, 1992.

It created what Congress wanted Suchel Parades Point out that the text entitled “Political Constitution of Peru for School Children” is “Bujimorist Propaganda.”.

While also a member of the Legislative Assembly, Sigrid BasanThe publication pointed out that it was “intended to justify Fujimori’s self-conspiracy”.

In this regard, the former president Congress of the Republic “It’s natural to be hurt by everything the left tells students,” he said Constitution“.

“Article 14 of the Constitution has an unfulfilled mandate, which is that the Constitution must be taught at all levels of education in the country. This has been fulfilled,” Chávez said on the show. Know everything.

In the text, through cartoons, “President Alberto Fujimori It abrogated the constitution on 5th April 1979 to restructure the country’s economy and restore peace. This action allowed us to overcome those problems that threaten all Peruvians and to restore peace in the national territory.”

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about this, Martha Chavez He asserted that “it seems obvious” and that “even we fugimorists need not say it”.

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“It is not possible to go into so much detail because it is a text for children. We are not going to go into such detailed comments, this is a text for schoolchildren. It is enough – in my view – that it says: ‘Schoolchildren already know that it is not possible to close the Congress, except for certain measures,'” he said.

“This speech is more harsh than it actually was because the President on April 5, 1992 did not abrogate the 1979 Constitution, he suspended it,” he added.

To this, he expressed that what Fujimori did at the time was “a measure of extreme necessity” and “it was not subject to applause”.

“But we recognize the value of a president – in my view – it’s not an unconstitutional action, it’s an extra-constitutional action outside the canons of the Constitution, because it’s clear (…) it’s not unconstitutional because the Constitution and the government are in the public interest and this extreme The action taken was not unconstitutional as what was sought was public interest,” he said.


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