Mary Help of Christians 2023: What is her story and why is her day celebrated today on May 24? | Answers

Mary Help of Christians 2023: What is her story and why is her day celebrated today on May 24?  |  Answers

The Catholic community is gearing up to celebrate May 24 Mary Help of Christians Day, an ephemeris that calls for reflection and we will explain in the following note about its origin, in which we will explore this important day, explain why this day is celebrated and what is its background; along with other relevant data.

Helping Mary Why is Mary Help of Christians Day celebrated on May 24 and what is her story?

On May 24, Maria Auxiliatora Day is celebrated in memory of the Marian devotion of Maria Auxiliatora, who is venerated in the Catholic Church. The history of this devotion dates back to the 19th century and is closely linked to the image of Saint John Bosco, an Italian priest and founder of the Salesian Congregation.

According to history, in 1862, Saint John Bosco had a vision in which he saw the Virgin Mary under the title Help of Christians. In this vision, the Virgin told Saint John Bosco that she would be the helper of the Church and all Christians in difficult times.

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St. John Bosco, inspired by this vision, began to spread the devotion of Mary Help of Christians among his followers and members of the Salesian Congregation. The devotion spread rapidly and became an integral part of the spirituality and work of the Salesians.

May 24 was chosen as the day of celebration because of a significant event in Bhakti history. In 1815, Pope Pius VII, a prisoner of Napoleon Bonaparte, returned to Rome in triumph and re-established papal authority. In gratitude for this, the Pope declared May 24 as Mary Help of Christians Day and encouraged her worship in the Church.

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Christian devotion to Mary Help of Christians has spread throughout the world and has been endorsed and encouraged by various popes over the years. Mary Help of Christians is considered a protector and helper in difficulties, and numerous miracles and favors are attributed to her.

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Mary Help of Christians Day is celebrated with various activities and ceremonies such as special masses, processions, prayers and acts of devotion. Celebrations usually include the Salesian community and the faithful with a special devotion to Mary Help of Christians.

What is ephemeris?

It is common for media and content creators to use it Ephemeris To commemorate or remember a particular event. According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, A mayhem It has four meanings, three of which are related to the same sense, while only one has nothing to do with the others.

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language explains mayhem It is a significant event that is commemorated on any of its anniversaries. This second definition also implies that it can be understood as the same commemoration or celebration that occurs around an event. Finally, a third meaning of the word, commonly used in the media, explains that it can be a book that refers to an opinion or an everyday event.

That’s why whenever you usually search EphemerisMuch is said about the relevant fact that is written to be celebrated or commemorated on a particular day, and it is in chronological order of dates with the respective events. The Ephemeris They are classified in different ways, for example, historical, hagiographic or vexillological.

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On the other hand, there is a fourth meaning that has nothing to do with the three definitions given by the Royal Academy of Spanish Language regarding the word, Ephemeris Astronomically, it means “an annual compilation of the coordinates of the planets and fixed stars with respect to the ecliptic and the equator, together with eclipses, lunar distances, and other elements necessary for astronomical and nautical calculations”.

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And that, in astronomy, a mayhem It is a table of values ​​giving the positions of astronomical objects in the sky at a particular moment or moments. Although this term was one of the first applications of mechanical computers Ephemeris A simple printed table is commonly used.

Astronomical position calculated from Ephemeris It is given in right ascension and declination spherical coordinate system. Some astronomical phenomena of importance to astronomers are eclipses, planetary retrogrades, planetary returns, sidereal time, mean and true positions of the Moon’s nodes, lunar phases and positions of celestial bodies, minor ones like Chiron.


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