Matteco has won the Decarb Connect Next Gen Award for the most innovative technology in Europe

Matteco has won the Decarb Connect Next Gen Award for the most innovative technology in Europe

Valencia (VP). Mateco, a materials technology company dedicated to innovative solutions to decarbonize the economy, has won the award. Decarb Connect Europe Next Gen Award This distinguishes the best innovators in decarbonisation technologies in Europe.

The company is formed High performance catalysts and electrodes
Cost competitive for large-scale green hydrogen productionwon the category Alternative fuels – hydrogen, wind and solar, biomass DeCorp Connect Europe is the leading European industrial decarbonisation event in Berlin.

More than 200 representatives from leading companies in the sector attended Matteco’s presentation on the main stage. A jury of European technology leaders and innovators evaluated the innovation and outstanding contribution of Mateco’s latest generation of components. Carbonization of the most energy-intensive industriesEspecially those that are very difficult to electrify.

The award highlights his contribution Changing the economics of green hydrogen production, by reducing investment costs in equipment and operations. Nanotechnology of materials Greatly reduces power consumption of electrolyzers and increases current density They work to make renewable hydrogen more cost-competitive to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Also, its catalysts and electrodes They do not use precious metals (PGMs such as iridium or platinum) and can be prepared On an industrial scale Both in shapes and sizes as per the needs of the customers Alkaline electrolysis such as AEM.

In this way, Matteco helps electrolyzer manufacturers and plant designers achieve their Hydrogen balanced cost targets (its abbreviated LCOH in English).

“We are very proud of this award because it is a recognition of the excellent work of the entire team, especially in the R&D area. It pushes us further in the great challenge of reducing the cost of green hydrogen in order to decarbonize industries and sectors. No electrification is achieved and contributes to achieving a scenario of zero net emissions”, points out. Eiger MarketCo-founder and CEO of Matteco.

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The Decarb Connect Europe conference brought together policymakers and leaders from the most energy-consuming industries in Berlin from June 17 to 19, where they shared their vision of the policies, programs, technology and investments needed to make Europe the first continent with zero emissions. .


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