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On the MAG record label (owned by Manuel Antonio Guerrero, hence the acronym), one of those regular musicians was Pablo Villanueva Brandon (Lima, 1936), known as Melcozita. Already at that time he was a young man His talent on percussion earned him a place at Pena Ferrando, which is why he was hired by MAG. There it becomes even more versatile.

“First they called me to be Nelson Ferreira’s backup singer”Dice Melcochita a Trade. “I stayed because they saw me play instruments. He would just sit there and take everything out. If a tenant comes, he joins him; “If a Huaino comes, the Huaino will play.”, He counts with two fingers in his mouth to whistle and make the guapeo typical of the Andean rhythm.

And so, in those days in the late 60s, he too got off the rock. The story is specific and Melcochita himself said: “The Los York band that worked at MAG had recorded a 12-song LP. But when their contract ended, they went to Viceroy, the competition. And they left only traces. Manuel Guerrero went crazy. “What should I do now,” he said.

“I told him, ‘Give me the clues and leave them.’ I always started finding lyrics about music. I upgraded this time”The musician explains about two strange songs of Los York, in which he appeared as a singer.

to break the path

One “mental illness” -It lasts more than two minutes-, an intense and very danceable garage rock track in which Melcocha sings (“Psychic that’s me / Because I want to dance like that / All the people dance with me”), but above all he expresses meaningless screams. Another song “crazy” – less than two minutes – in which, befitting its title, the composer and comedian go crazy in a wild outburst: “I bite my ears / I bite my eyes / And all the people, mad.”

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Both songs appeared on the album “Los York’s 69”. A kind of revenge against the band that Manuel Guerrero dropped his label on. Logically, the group never wanted to endorse their album. If they bothered it, Melcozita didn’t care. “They will regret betraying Mr. Guerrero,” he says. On the contrary, he was the one who had to suffer because he was underpaid.

After a while, Melcozita showed signs of her rocker nerves. For example, he collaborated with bands like Traffic Sound (his percussion on the iconic song “Meshkalina”). It goes without saying that it went down well with Sass and Son: He collaborated with Fania, Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, Tito Puente and Willy Colon. And he left us famous songs like “Madre” or “Pegaso”.

Vinyl cover with lyrics "mental illness" Y "Crazy"by Melcochita and Los York's, recently released by Spanish record label MAG.

A vinyl cover of Melcozita and Los Yorks’ “El Chicotelico” and “El Loco” was recently released by Spanish record label MAG.

A new life

It’s been 55 years since “Los York’s 69” was released, and now, two songs featuring Melcozita’s vocals. They have been released as singles and vinyl for the first time.. Works have been carried out by Since their acquisition of the catalog in 2021, it is now in the hands of Spanish company Distrolux SL. It’s in Spain, they just launched a few weeks ago, and some copies are coming to Peru soon.

The cover features a young Melcosita in a machine shop, with more garage vibes than ever. Of course, Villanueva says no one contacted him. They publish records and you don’t notice anything, he refuses, though, as always, his bad mood doesn’t last long. After a while, he picks up his guitar, puts on some dark glasses, and begins with the gestures of a true ‘rockstar’.

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His comedic side may be more popular with the masses, but Melcozita the musician still exists Give us many surprises.


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