Melissa Paredes admits that her relationship with Anthony Aranda has changed since they worked together: “There is stress”

Melissa Paredes reveals her relationship with Anthony Aranda changed because of his business. America TV ‘You are in everything’.

Melissa Paredes After starting to act in successful serials, she is very focused on her career as an actress ‘There’s room below’, But when she opened her dance academy with her boyfriend as an entrepreneur, Anthony Aranda.

However, his love affair Her future husband After sharing an academy called UMove Dance Studio, she faces some changes.

ex-wife Rodrigo Cuba Interviewed byYou are in everything’ There he revealed many details of his commitment to the Peruvian choreographer. At one point, she commented that the day he proposed to her at the Disney theme parks, she was so surprised she didn’t think he was serious.

“I couldn’t believe it. I think I said to him, ‘Are you serious?… It was surprising, but really cool, and I was so happy when I saw the ring,'” she said.

Anthony Aranda mentioned his commitment to Melissa Paredes. (Instagram/@antonyarandab)

Melissa Paredes He also opines that the situation of living together is not something that harms them, instead, he points out that they are more organized in terms of activities at home. However, managing their new business means many changes in their lives as they have to agree on various aspects for the good of the business.

The former host of “America Hoy” said early on, “Everything changed when we started the business together, it was a different thing.

The actress ‘There’s room downstairs’ He commented that he finds his new life very stressful Anthony Aranda, After starting a business with her and opening her new dance school two months ago.

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“There is stress because we don’t have a life, we are always in and out. One is a mother, a businesswoman, an actress all at the same time. You have to organize. The stress a woman carries is unbelievable, a man has to put up with everything,” she laughed.

A reporter ‘You are in everythingShe asked her if it was too difficult to share life with the ex-dancer or manage her business.Big Show’.

“Completely share business. It’s different, because it’s good to share a house, it’s your turn and it’s my turn, we’re already organizing ourselves. But the business is different, it’s worse if it’s from two people you know, because you have to look at social networks and money,” he said. He explained.

Melissa Paredes talks about her marriage to Anthony Aranda. (America TV/Instagram)

Melissa Paredes He assures that Serenage staff did not cancel his birthday party as some videos circulated on social media and other show hosts claimed.

Well, to fame’Grandmother‘, on a call from the neighbours, when he learned that the serenage workers had arrived at his aunt’s house, she had not yet turned up for the meeting. Melissa Paredes pointed out that since municipal employees came with television cameras, everything would have been organized by others.

“They came at 7pm when I wasn’t there, no music, because my aunt was fixing the cheese table, nothing. They came with cameras, apparently invited themselves. Think about creating your content. You go outside to ask if the noise is the cause and they say it’s not the noise. This is what you said: I don’t know, Rick, weird”, he said for the cameras of ‘America Spectaculos’.

Melissa Paredes had a bad time on her 33rd birthday. (Infobae Composition)

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