Melissa Paredes approves of her daughter’s trip with Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo: The couple enjoys their first family adventure

Rodrigo Cuba and his family travel with Ale Venturo. | Mix Info / Instagram

Melissa Paredes Y Rodrigo Cuba Things have been smooth sailing since they signed a divorce settlement in November 2021. Their split, sparked by an infidelity scandal, comes amid serious allegations and a custody battle for their best daughter, who turned 6 on October 26.

The cases are forgotten – apparently – and the parents’ relationship is better than ever. Due to this, the actress participating in the series ‘Downstairs is the room‘She has no problem with her ex-husband signing a permit to travel abroad with her daughter.

popular ‘Cat’ Cuba He will be traveling with his first-born daughter for the first time, taking advantage of the fact that the season ended and his team, Sport Boys, managed to save the division and continue in Ligue 1 of the football competition in 2024. Girlfriend Ale Venturo also joins the adventure. Daniel Lyon.

Rodrigo Cuba and his family travel with Ale Venturo. Melissa Paredes approves of her daughter’s journey. | @aleventuro

It will be his first family trip. Rodrigo Cuba cheater Ale Venturo with his daughters. Since they began their relationship, each traveled on their own: the soccer player moved to the province with his team, while the business woman moved to America shortly after giving birth to her child. Second daughter. .

Let’s remember its owner.Never fits‘ and this ‘CatoThey ended their relationship for a few weeks between June and July and then became friends without giving details of their reconciliation. Now, taking advantage of the November 1 holiday, the couple – with their respective daughters – packed their bags and left Lima.

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In several Instagram photos, Venturo showed the girls in a waiting room at Jorge Chavez Airport as their flight time arrived. Neither the chef nor ‘Kate’ said which country they were going to with the young children.

Jorge Chavez is the daughter of Rodrigo Cuba and Melissa Paredes at the airport. | @gatocuba16

Notably, Ale Venturo will not be taking her 9-month-old baby on the trip. She posted an emotional photo in which she leaves her last daughter in the care of her grandmother: ““This is how we say goodbye to cookies, we love you my baby.”

Ale Venturo leaves her young daughter in the care of her grandmother before Rodrigo travels to Cuba. | @aleventuro

The trip takes place after the daughter’s birthday Rodrigo Cuba with Melissa Paredes, held last weekend. The party had everything from spectacular decor by the designer Yungo dos SantosInflatable games, a spa for girls, food stations, a children’s program and a beautiful five-tiered cake in honor of the birthday girl.

In the midst of this celebration, Cuba’s Father Th Deputy Minister George Cuba, Melissa recognized her hard work in organizing her granddaughter’s party. “Mine is with her grandparents, happy to be 6 years old. The party is unforgettable. Hosts Rodrigo and Melissa shine,” wrote celebrity ‘Don Cato’ praising the model’s work.

In this way, both before and after were forgotten. Let’s remember that in July 2022, the actress filed a complaint of psychological violence against her ex-father-in-law, because he assaulted her in front of her own daughter. “You are responsible for everything that happens. “You’re crazy, you’re a bad mother.”The words George Cuban used against Melissa in front of his granddaughter are what he recorded in the police report.

Melissa Paredes Shows How Her Daughter’s Party Turned Out | instagram

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