Melissa Paredes Encourages, Asks to Rent Anthony Aranda’s Beach House: “It’s Your Best Option”

Melissa Paredes He excels in acting. His character ‘There’s room downstairs’ It has received public recognition. Despite criticism of her love life, the actress is moving forward. Recently, she started her dance academy Anthony ArandaIt has many records.

During this time, she surprised Anthony Aranda by promoting his beach house, where she vacationed with her boyfriend on several occasions.

With a mirror in hand, the young woman invited her boyfriend to rent a house and told her one by one the qualities of the place. “We took a break from Lima’s traffic and what better time than to have a great time here at Casa Aranda. If you want to disconnect from the routine, get away from the chaos of Lima for a while, this option is incredible,” he begins. Melissa ParedesHe pointed out that this is the best option for users.

“Also, there are little things here for all the kids so they can enjoy (…) So you know, your best option …, I’m going to leave you here so you can click on it, and I’ll send you a kiss,” he said. Other videos show the young woman enjoying the comforts of a beach house.

This way, Melissa Paredes Anthony makes it clear that he is connected to Aranda not only in love but also in business. He already did that with his dance school, this time with the Aranda family property located in Canet.

Melissa Paredes is promoting her boyfriend Anthony Aranda’s beach house. IG Melissa Paredes.

In an interview in August ‘You are in everything’, Melissa Paredes He admitted that their cohabitation had not caused any problems in their relationship. On the contrary, they know how to organize themselves in household chores. However, starting a business took a heavy toll on them and they had to make many changes for the sake of their dance school.

“Everything changed when we started the business together, it was something else,” said the former host of ‘America Hoy’.

Likewise, he described the whole situation as stressful as they no longer had time to give themselves as a couple.

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“There is stress because we don’t have a life, we are always coming and going. One is a mother, an entrepreneur, an actress and everything at the same time. You have to organize yourself. The stress a woman carries is unbelievable and a man has to put up with everything,” she laughs.

Melissa Paredes reveals her relationship with Anthony Aranda changed because of his business. America TV ‘You are in everything’.

I was asked which position is more difficult, living with your partner or sharing a business. The actress was left with a second option.

“Completely share business. It’s different, because it’s good to share a house, it’s your turn and it’s my turn, we’ve already arranged. But the business is different, it’s worse if it’s between two well-known people, because you have to look at social networks and money,” He explained.

However, the couple found a way to make time for themselves. In addition, they do not stop devoting tender messages to each other on social networks.

Recently, Melissa Paredes She starred in a photo shoot for the show Monde Ku Monde, which the model did not hesitate to share through social networks. The words Anthony Aranda They didn’t wait.

Melissa Paredes stars on the set of “Monday Q Monday.”

“I loved my life. Your pictures came out beautifully. You are the best, without a doubt, continue to shine and enjoy your beautiful talent. I love you,” the dancer wrote very proudly about his girlfriend.

In this way, the couple made it clear that despite the crisis they faced due to their common business, their relationship was going strong.

Melissa Paredes poses for “Monday Que Monday.” | Instagram @melissapareds

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