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the beginning Melgar In League 1 I bet you This left many with doubts, which were accentuated by their elimination at the hands of Aurora in the 1st leg of the Copa Libertadores. Therefore, it came as no surprise to anyone that Pablo de Muner was dropped from the team's technical direction after a 0-0 draw with Comerciantes Unidos on Matchday 6 of the 2024 Apertura tournament. Although this is a risky move, they have already won two in a row after this result – against ADT (3-1) and Sporting Cristal (2-1). Marco Valencia As interim coach.

In that sense, Riccardo Petocchi, The Arequipa team executive confirmed in his last press conference that they will soon finalize the details of finding the best technical director to take over the reigns of the main team. With this, he will return to his duties as head of the Valencia minors technical department. “It shouldn't take more than a week.“, under control.

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The 'Rogenegro' boss has highlighted the 52-year-old tactician's work as head of a training program within the club. “The plan indicates that there will be a lot of investment in smaller segments. As of today 50% of the team has passed the sub-divisions. From the point of view we have as a club, two heads are very important, the first team coach and Marco Valencia, the head of the youth team. I don't think there is a team that has been in charge for seven or eight years and has had a youth captain for so long.” he added.

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Petocchi was self-critical of the work of the management he was in charge of, particularly due to the departure of Pablo de Muner's technical command, which he had praised for Argentina's work during the pre-season and regretted that the results in official matches were of inverse proportion. Not counting the three friendlies played on Argentine territory, the former 'Red and Black' coach recorded four defeats, two draws and two wins.

We all take responsibility when things don't go our way, and we're used to it. We think it's thankless, but we love it because when things go bad you're at the center of spears and when things go well it's easier on everyone. When you do well, everyone has made the same decisions, and when you do badly, we are doomed. We must criticize ourselves from within, but thank God when we do well”, he noted.

On the other hand, Melkar's executive talked about the investment he led with the proceeds after the sale. Jameer D'Arrigo to Alianza Lima. “The D'Arrigo thing goes to the budget. We have a year where the investment we have is greater than the income we have. The lights cost us a million dollars, the Center for High Performance (CAR) is currently costing us half a million dollars and is the first phase, and we want to keep things running at CAR.”, he noted.

Melker is sixth in the Apertura standings with 13 points. (Photo: Leonardo Guido / GEC)

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Money from Melkar and the TV franchise

Finally, Riccardo Petocchi Clarified the situation between Melgar, Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) Y 1190 Sports, Regarding payments related to 2023 for broadcast rights of their matches. “Mr. What I heard Agustin Lozano say is that he guaranteed our payments, we were given a seat on the board of directors on this issue, we didn't get the transfer rights fee in 2023 and we didn't get the infrastructure fee. Other teams received”.

If they force us to sign to play, they have to pay us, and so far they haven't paid us. What I am highlighting is that Mr. Lozano, yesterday in the board of directors, said that he agreed and that they should already pay us and he put it in the hands of the Foundation (1990 Games) and the Federation Secretariat. We are waiting“, he pointed out, referring to the last meeting with the leader of the FPF.

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