METAMORPHOSIS turns into a metal song – KUDASAI

METAMORPHOSIS turns into a metal song – KUDASAI

In a sensational turn of events, netizens have discovered an intriguing reference to the popular doujinshi in the band’s song. Deserted. The song titledmissing [177013],” has caught the attention of fans as it appears to be a direct reference to the controversial online manga.Metamorphosis.”

missing [177013]” is the title of a song released by the band Deserted A few years ago, its content sparked a lot of interest online due to its connection to the issue “177013,” which is infamously recognized in the internet community. The number “177013” is closely related to Doujinshi “Metamorphosis”, which is known for its expressive and controversial content.

“Metamorphosis”, also known as “Emergence” or “Henshin” in Japanese, is an online doujinshi that has developed considerable popularity due to its disturbing and graphic plot. The story revolves around the life of Saki Yoshida, a young woman caught in a downward spiral of sexual abuse, exploitation and self-destruction. The work explores dark and taboo themes and shows the protagonist gradually becoming a deeply troubled individual.

The number “177013” has become a symbol or meme in some online groups to refer to this particular doujinshi, especially since it is its identifier on the nhentai site. Its inclusion in the DESOLATE song title suggests a direct link between the band and this controversial work.

The song “Missing. [177013]” The band DESOLATE has created a lot of debate among fans. The song’s lyrics seem to explore the perspective of Saki Yoshida’s heroine, “Emergence,” and her situation in the doujinshi storyline. This led to various comments, notably:

  • «Oh, really. Sometimes you just don’t want to be hot and want to shed some tears. Certainly cultured people».
  • «It’s very well constructed, I’m talking art and visuals, from the clever title to the cutscenes. They actually changed the story to something else».
  • «Once you know what these numbers mean, nothing will ever be the same. Ahekao ceases to be an expression of pleasure and turns to horror. This is not the expression of a happy person».
  • «This is the song that went to study Mangai. I loved the song, but the history of doujinshi is dark».
  • «This song is very good. Maybe too much for my taste, but they managed to capture the grief and pain experienced by the protagonist of Metamorphosis.».
  • «It’s unbelievable, its story quality is on another level. The voice is also great».
  • «I’m glad they work so hard on their content. The best band in the world».
  • «I stumbled upon this. Incredible work. The arrangements, writing and production are incredible. Sonically it sounds modern, but the way it screams, even with effects, sounds very raw. Great job guys».
  • «It’s the last thing I’d expect from a metalcore/hardcore band, but damn, this song is good.».
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The doujinshi “METAMORPHOSIS” has been subject to controversy due to its graphic depiction of dark and taboo topics. Some consider it a work that addresses disturbing themes in a raw and realistic way, while others criticize it for its overt and disturbing content. The work gained notoriety in the online community and has sparked debates about the representation of controversial topics in Japanese popular culture.

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