Metropolitano feeder bus is one in five accidents

Metropolitano feeder bus is one in five accidents

Driver A Metropolitan Ooty Bus Caused the quintessence shocked After leaving his lane, at the intersection of Los Nogales and Tupac Amaru Avenues, Comas.

Los Vehicles They were destroyed after the attack Metropolitan Ooty Bus, which ended up on the opposite track. The driver lost control of the steering wheel causing multiple pile-ups AutoThree vans and one Bus Public transport.

According to witnesses, the traffic light was red Metropolitan Ooty Bus Appearing at high speed, rammed the rear of the parked vehicles.

Consequences of Multiple Metropolitan Feeder Bus Accidents

The driver Ooty bus He was injured, so he was immediately evacuated by firefighters. Other injured people, mostly passengers traveling in transport sections, were also taken to a clinic.

The drivers of Vehicles Aggrieved parties asked the company Ooty bus Be responsible for property damage and take care of injured people. Reasons accident Police are investigating them and will determine who is responsible.

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