Migrations: 180 thousand foreigners submitted the amnesty procedure by the deadline | economy

Migrations: 180 thousand foreigners submitted the amnesty procedure by the deadline |  economy

The National Immigration Monitor Act no. It was reported that almost 180 thousand amnesty procedures were carried out until Saturday, October 28, the deadline to benefit from this benefit approved by 31732. Its purpose is Foreign people cheater Penalty Immigrants can regain their usual immigration status in Peru.

Procedures were implemented through the Digital Migration Agency without the need for interested parties to visit migration offices.

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Immigration notes that foreigners who took advantage of the amnesty were fined for not completing the residency extension process or for overstaying their stay. In addition, Legislative Decree no. Those admitted for violations created in Article 56 of 1350 and those whose immigration proceedings are in progress or who are included in installments.

Of the approximately 180,000 records, 140,371 records relate to an individual who extended or changed immigration status. Out of those total applications, 52.6% were male and 47.4% were female. The highest percentage of requests (91%) were made by nationals VenezuelaHighlighted the company.

Displaced persons recalled that a six-month amnesty allowed them to request automatic remission of fines of S/ 49.5 soles per day, which in many cases could not be paid.

“By restoring their regular immigration status, immigration status and having that Immigration card In practice, the foreign person can continue to carry out formal activities in Peru such as work, entrepreneurship, access to public and private services, payment of taxes”, The company said in a press release.

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Those who do not take advantage of the 180-day amnesty period must pay the accumulated debt in full to carry out procedures that allow them to resume their residence. “Otherwise, migrations will initiate the relevant clearance processes” The company warned.

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As of October 29, immigration fines for not making extensions within the specified time have been applied again, though still minimal, migrations recalled. “This is why we urge the migrant community to complete their procedures on time to avoid being subjected to economic sanctions again” Adds the company.


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