Milete Figueroa’s Frontline Response to Martin Salve Requesting Dancer Change: “I Signed as an Image”

Milete Figueroa’s Frontline Response to Martin Salve Requesting Dancer Change: “I Signed as an Image”
Milet Figueroa responds to Martin Salve’s request to change dancer | Vilax

Since he arrived in Argentina, Milet Figueroa He has given a lot to talk about in ‘Bailando 2023’ and elsewhere on Gaucho Country’s America Channel. Her looks meant she was dubbed the ‘Peruvian bombshell’ so she stole the spotlight. Marcelo Dinelli.

Since then, at the Peruvian first dance, they began to speculate that there might be something more between the two than a relationship between host and dancer, as the two never stopped flirting in front of the cameras. Even the Argentinian calls Millet ‘Love’ and she doesn’t hesitate to sing him a cumbia villera live.

However, during the presentation of Millet et al Martin Salway, Argentina was a little behind and it was the Peruvian who stole the show. After that, there were many comments stating that the model wanted to appear and become famous.

Thus, recently, Martin Salway She attended El Debate del Piando and was asked about her reaction to her first dance with Millet. In this regard, Argentina mentioned that they decided to give him a place because he is new and they hope that he will appear in front of the public in his country. “It was a mystery, Unknown girl. I gave him room to present,” he commented early on.

Milett Figueroa was invited as Martin Salvay’s dancer. instagram

On another occasion, she opined that it would be great to have a professional dancer by her side to stand out in the competition. “The truth is, it would be easier for me to have a professional dancer,” she added.

Finally, when asked about Millett’s attitude of not talking to the other participants and not greeting anyone on set, he promised to be a bit more distant from others. “During the sentencing, the next day when we were all there, Millet “It was far from the public sector,” he said.

Martin Salway admits he wants to become a dancer. In addition, he spoke about Milett Figueroa, Bailando 2023 partner. America TV from Argentina.

Recently, Milet Figueroa Interviewed by ‘Love and Fire’ And he mentioned his time in Argentina. The Peruvian has always been very happy with everything she has been achieving internationally and thanked the public for how they have accepted her this time around.

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He made it clear from the beginning that he too had a good relationship Martin Salway, everything indicates that he was surprised by his partner’s statements. That’s why he assured that a professional would also be more favorable for his role due to his statements that he would be better with a professional dancer.

Milett Figueroa responded to Martín Salwe’s comments. (Instagram)

However, he emphasized that now that they are together, the important thing is for them to start working as a team.

“A professional dancer would also suit me very well. I’ll show more of my ability, but now that we’re together I think we should be a team and united, right?” she revealed early on.

Referring to what he said Salve He said that she was not known in that country and that’s how she came. But, in contracts and internal documents, he is recognized as a known person in our country. “She was unknown, but still I signed as an image When I came, I didn’t do it as a dancer, I came as a figure, that’s clear, it’s in my contract,” the daughter concluded. Martha Valcarcel.

Milet Figueroa with Martin Salvey on the dance floor of ‘Pilando 2023’. | Capture/USA TV


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