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UYYYY. Little Carrera Appearing on Argentinian television, he denied a romantic relationship with Milett Figueroa, in ‘The Value of Truth’ he admits to cheating on his then-partner Melissa Llosa. The actor said it was just an outing and nothing happened.

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“There was a situation where I was with a very famous person, I broke up with her and went out with Millet, nothing happened on that date, I went back to my partner.“, he said.

One of the drivers asks him directly when he was partnered with Milet Figueroa, to which the Peruvian bluntly replies: “I am not Millet’s lover.”

Her growing popularity in Argentina after confirming her relationship with Milett Figueroa and Marcelo Dinelli

A few days ago, Marcelo Dinelli kissed Milet Figueroa and confirmed that they were dating, making them one of the most talked about couples in Argentina.

When asked if they are exclusive to each other, both Marcelo Dinelli and Millet confirmed ‘yes’, which means they can’t date other people.

After that, the presenter and the young model appeared at a public event for a magazine, where they posed as a happy couple.

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