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So far, school financial education has been part of campaigns organized by banking institutions. Photo: Composition LR

He Ministry of Education (Minedu) Law No. establishes that Peruvian students at all educational levels must study four additional subjects: financial and tax education, accounting, economics and consumer rights. After Congress approves 31900, new topics can be introduced into the National Curriculum for Basic Education.

Its purpose is Ethics Students need to strengthen their skills and abilities to perform in the workplace. These additional topics will be taught in all schools across the country. With this, not only university students, but also children and teenagers can access these subjects.

When will financial education be taught in schools?

He Mined It is yet to be decided whether the topics of financial education, tax, accounting, economics and consumer rights will be implemented in the basic education curriculum; However, these are expected to be reviewed by minors as soon as possible.

This rule will come into effect from the next academic year. Photo: Spread

Congress: The initiative is proposed from 2021

Consolidation of financial education courses arises as a result of several bills introduced beginning in 2021. The most recent was announced in April 2023 by Member of Parliament Maria Taibe Coronado. Free Peru and is a member of the Congressional Committee on Education and Sports. However, other legislators such as Silvia Montesa, Flavio Cruz and Roselli Amuruz also presented this proposal in the years 2021, 2022 and 2021 respectively.

Are the topics for the National Curriculum officialised?

On Wednesday, October 18 this year, the rule was officially released Legal Standards Bulletin From the official newspaper El Peruano.

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This rule was made official last Wednesday, October 18, in the Legal Standards Bulletin of the official gazette El Peruano. Photo: Andina

School Year: What is the new enrollment age?

Admission for girls and boys aged 3, 4 and 5 years will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Chronological age by May 31 of each school year; Similarly, for children applying for the first grade of elementary school, as approved by the Congressional Commission on Education, “this shall be done by the 31st day of May of each school year”.

Congress: They propose that English proficiency should be made compulsory in schools

Congress woman Magisterial VolLucinda Vásquez, presented a The bill proposes that English language proficiency should be compulsory for students upon completion of schooling and that they will receive an international certificate at the end of this stage of education.

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