Minsait will install its technology to hotels in Paradores

Minsait will install its technology to hotels in Paradores

Public hotel company Paradores has signed a contract with technology company Minsait to implement its hotel management platform to streamline its booking system and improve its day-to-day operations. The company will improve its systems in the consolidation year, which expects 35 million euros in benefits, 10 more than the previous year, its president Raquel Sanchez revealed last week.

The project is being developed by Indira Subsidiary Adaptation of Tourism Organization Management Systems Implement your PMS and PoS solutions. These provide a unified system for all operations and streamline reservations, check-in and check-out processes, decision making or simplifying services.

The implementation of the project will last for two years and the provision of services will be extended for the next five, giving paradores the necessary capacity to adapt to new tourism trends and improve the experience of its customers. One of the advantages they notice Developing loyalty programs or personalizing offers Sent via email or published on social networks or your website.

Minsait’s implementation platform in its program for paradores is a A single centralized database This will allow for the creation of demand forecasts, which will facilitate decision making based on the preferences of the company’s customers.

Ricardo Mar, General Secretary of the General Hotel Company, highlighted the commitment to modernize paradores as a pillar of the 2023-2026 strategic plan. For his part, Emilio Mora, Global Director of Hospitality, Airlines and International Industry at Minsait, celebrates the signing of the contract, “with the chain of connection of Paradores, a reference among the large Spanish and international chains we work in search. The satisfaction of customers who demand the most efficient management and personal experience”.

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