Monica Sánchez and her serious response when asked about returning to ‘al fondo ha citio’: “This cycle ends”

Monica Sánchez and her serious response when asked about returning to ‘al fondo ha citio’: “This cycle ends”
Mónica Sánchez explains the reasons for closing a cycle in ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’. ‘America Today’.

Departure Monica Sanchez Inside ‘There’s room downstairs’ Has broken many hearts, that’s why ‘America Today’ He contacted the actress to ask if there is a chance of her returning to the series or a permanent goodbye.

As you remember, Monica Sanchez Her character bid farewell to the production after deciding to go abroad to meet her daughter Grace. This happened after Javi broke his heart by saying that their relationship wasn’t serious.

‘America Today’ He asked him if these last scenes were seen ‘There’s room downstairs’ They mark the end of Charito.

“We are closing a wonderful cycle. “One does not know (if I will return), but this cycle ends with eternal gratitude to all the people who have supported our work all these years,” he explained to the Ethel Pozo program.

Monica Sánchez talks about leaving Al Fondo Hey Sitio. America TV

He also explained that he took this break because he needed time to spend more time with his daughters and enjoy them.

“What’s next for Monica? Life is coming. One of the reasons I am leaving is that I need time to live, to travel, my daughter is going to study abroad. “I need space for life, which is sometimes postponed by work and responsibilities,” he said.

Monica Sanchez He declined to comment further on the matter. After leaving the series, she posted her personal and professional activities through her social networks.

‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ – Mónica Sánchez – America TV – Peru – June – 2024

In the pictures, she can be seen happy with her two daughters. Also, he is seen rehearsing for a play he is preparing for Bruno ranLuchito remembered from ‘There is room below’. Both will act in the play ‘Titus Andronicus’Next Giovanni Ars, Joaquin Escobar, Diego Salinas, Diego Perez, Daniel Cano Y Cindy DiazAmong other actors.

‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ – Mónica Sánchez – America TV – Peru – June – 2024

Monica Sanchez He said goodbye ‘There’s room downstairs’ Last Monday, June 24. Actress known for acting CharityHe bid farewell to the series and his companions with a special mention Nidia Bermejo, Olinda played the role of Zaballal.

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During his farewell on social media, Monica Sanchez He decreed Nydia Bermejo Take great care of your family in your absence.

“Charito, I wish you a beautiful life full of magic and the love you want. Find it if you search. “You deserve it all,” she wrote. Nydia Bermejo As it sounds.

Monica Sanchez asked her character Nidia Bermejo to take care of Charito’s family.

Monica Sanchez It didn’t take long for him to respond with a tender request. “Olinda Bella, I leave my little house and my… family to you. They are crazy, but they are unique and incredible. “You’re going to have a great time,” the actress wrote, expressing her affection for her co-star and her character.

This conversation deeply moved the public that followed ‘There’s room downstairs’, which has not yet overcome Charito’s defection. Many users on social networks expressed their wishes that this farewell will soon meet and highlighted the heartfelt words between the actresses.

Magdyel Ugaz, Another member of the cast participated in the conversation with two emojis: a sad face and a broken heart, demonstrating how sensitive the exchange was to her.

Monica Sanchez makes a moving request to Nydia Bermejo. I.G.


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