Monica Sánchez moves Nidia Bermejo with a tender request after leaving ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’: “I entrust you with my family”

Monica Sánchez moves Nidia Bermejo with a tender request after leaving ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’: “I entrust you with my family”
The famous actress used her social networks to send a message to her friend and colleague, saying goodbye to the series | America Television

Monica Sanchez he said goodbye’Downstairs is the room Last Monday, June 24. With much nostalgia, the acting actress Charity He bid farewell to the series and to all his colleagues, esp Nydia BermejoWho exists Olinda Zaballal.

The actress tasked her colleague to take care of her family during her absence from them. The deal was accompanied by a soft hug from the TV personality.

Charito, I wish you a beautiful life full of magic and the love you desire. Find it if you search. “You deserve everything,” Nidia wrote, adding that she excelled in the role Olinda To write an emotional message to Joel and Jimmy’s mother.

Monica Sanchez She didn’t keep quiet and responded to the message with a heartfelt plea. “Olinda Bella, I leave my little house and my… family to you. They are crazy, but they are unique and incredible. “You’re going to have a great time,” the artist wrote.

Monica Sanchez makes a moving request to Nydia Bermejo. I.G

This sequel managed to move the series following public a lot Downstairs is the room, Charito’s departure is yet to come. Many users highlighted the heartfelt words between the actresses asking them to meet soon.

Magdyel Ugaz He interjected with two emojis, a sad face and a broken heart, showing how sensitive the message was to him.

Monica Sanchez The Peruvian announced his unexpected withdrawal from the series ‘There’s room downstairs’, to the surprise of his numerous followers. Actress recognized for acting ‘Charito’She decided to leave the production after several years of work, in which she took on a major role in the Gonzalez household after the character’s death. ‘Donna Nellie’.

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In the plot of the series, ‘Charito’ She finds herself disillusioned with love and decides to take some time for herself and focus on her family. Jimmy’s mother informs her family of his absence in fiction ‘New Hills’ To share moments with Grace, Nicholas and their grandchildren.

‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’: Gonzalez discovers Charito and Xavi kissing, but the teacher humiliates her in front of everyone. America TV

The news of Mónica Sánchez’s absence from the Pachacamac records generated many reactions on social networks. The uncertainty over whether this absence is permanent or temporary has left many of his followers worried and speculating about the character’s future.

Magdyel UgazWho is playing? Teresita is in series and close ‘Charito’, shared a message on his social networks. In the speech he highlighted Sanchez’s talent and showed a clip of their last scene.

Monica Sanchez, people like you always shine, girl. N Charity “You are the most beautiful woman in the world,” Ugas wrote on his Instagram account. Instagram.

own Sanchez She responded warmly to the news, underscoring the strong friendship they maintain both inside and outside of fiction. “My beautiful Magdiel…Thank you for your generous and enlightened heart, in reality and in fiction. Let love always be our driving force and let’s go further!!”, added the actress.

Magdyel Ugaz says goodbye to Mónica Sánchez.

Users on social networks also expressed their feelings about the departure of the actress. Many lamented the news and highlighted the impact their absence would have on the series, while continuing to highlight the quality of Sanchez and Ugas’ performances in moving scenes.

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After his exit from ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’, Monica Sanchez He has devoted his time to personal activities without abandoning professional activities. Through her social networks, the actress has shared important moments she spends with her daughters Miranda and Mariel.

‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ – Mónica Sánchez – America TV – Peru – June – 2024

In addition, he took on a new professional challenge. Monica Sanchez is getting ready to star in a play ‘Titus Andronicus’ Next Bruno ranHe is also known for participating ‘There’s room downstairs’. This new collaboration marks a significant return for the two actors who have worked together in different productions since the 90s.

In recent days, the actress has been actively rehearsing with her actors Giovanni Ars, Joaquin Escobar, Diego Salinas, Diego Perez, Daniel Cano Y Cindy Diaz, among others. These rehearsals are part of Sanchez’s preparation for her role in the play, demonstrating her dedication and continued commitment to performing arts.

‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ – Mónica Sánchez – America TV – Peru – June – 2024


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